Your Self-Care Kit
We hear so much about “staying in the moment”, but what does that really mean, and how is it done? Thuan Nguyen, Mountainside’s Wellness Coordinator, discovered his ability to live life mindfully, and to not let thoughts of the past or future overwhelm him. Find out how he achieves and maintains this in this week’s blog post, “One Day at a Time”.
The Cooking Corner
When people hear “risotto”, images of fancy Italian restaurants and highly trained chefs come to mind. By being present and patient, this dish is surprisingly easy to create. Impress your guests with this classic and versatile recipe!
Engaging our creativity can help us feel calm, collected, and fully present. The simple act of using color to fill a blank space can relieve us of the stresses of everyday life, while centering and quieting our busy minds. Choose and print out a mandala, discover the serenity of bringing a page to life.