Dear SaraBella friends,

Today we are grateful for YOU and our team of kick-ass Veterans + Survivors. We’re approaching this challenge one day at a time. Thank you for your support and continued positivity. We appreciate you! Please read on for a STELLAR Ready-to-Fish rod sale, an opportunity for you to provide feedback/testimonials, articles for inspiration, and SaraBella’s current stance on COVID-19.

Good news! We’ve released a bunch of fabulous Ready-to-Fish SaraBella fly rods! If you vow to follow CDC/local guidelines and fish hyper-local, we’ll give you 15% off and free shipping! Think about upcoming birthdays and holidays 😉 Ready to Fish rods ship out fast. Valid while supplies last, and not valid with any other offer. Use these codes: SBF-ShipFree and SBF-RTF-15

Testimonials, pretty please! Share your feedback, stories, and photos with us here. We appreciate your ideas and testimonials! Even in this crazy chapter, SaraBella Fishing wants to celebrate your joys and continue improving our products/services. Share testimonials + feedback here!

Articles for Inspiration:

SaraBella’s stance on COVID-19 as of today:
  • Fishing -- we support fishing IF you can go alone, or with household members in hyper-local fishing settings (i.e., within walking distance of home). Social distancing is paramount, and every angler should adhere to exactly what their state and the CDC advises, without question. Do not drive far to fish. Period. 
  • Commerce -- we encourage online shopping (shipping or delivery) from and our amazing retail partners. Support SaraBella Retail Partners Here
  • Workplace -- we practice extreme social distancing while making SaraBella fly rods. Everyone works at home (and have been for 5+ years!). Each package and product is cleaned and stored with recommendations from the CDC and local authorities to keep our team, customers, and community safe. Our team of Veterans and Survivors is paid for work completed, and we rely on your orders (online + with retail partners) to sustain us.
  • Education -- we support learning through online channels and creative at-home practice. Build muscle memory by casting the butt section of your rod from your couch. Read the fly fishing books and magazines you’ve been saving for years. Follow your favorite shops to watch videos, read blogs, and plan your future adventures.
  • Give back -- we continue to support our non-profit partners, even in these challenging times. We encourage you to think more about others than about yourself. Consider non-profits, local food banks, and medical programs and give where/how you can. Together, we'll get through this!

Please stay well, be kind, and keep doing your best to make a positive impact in your day at a time!

With a big virtual hug,
April Archer + the SaraBella Fishing Team