One Foot Expansion Update: Music
ECS Families and Friends,

We are in our last phase of the System Expansion Process.  We are providing information about the vision for our schools and acquainting you with our renovated facility and new Garfield neighbors. This week, our focus is on the Middle School Music Program!

The Middle School Music Program at ECS uses the National Association for Music Education (NAFME) Standards in conjunction with the PA Music Education Standards (PMEA) to develop curriculum that engages in four dimensions for successful instruction: creating, performing, responding, and connecting.

ECS is proud to introduce our dedicated Middle School Music Classroom This space has been cultivated to respond to each of the four dimensions. This large flexible ensemble and instructional space will serve as the homebase for large-group rehearsals of the Advanced and Intermediate Band and Orchestras, and classroom for music courses in Music Theory, Performance and Production. The room is carpeted, sound-proof, outfitted with a practice room for individual lessons, storage lockers for student's instruments, and contains office space. Additionally, the room will contain music stands, music posture chairs, flexible desks, and a short-throw projector.  With the shifting of grade levels, the Intermediate School (Milton Street) will also have a dedicated music room, for both music classes and instrumental music instruction to occur.

Here's more information about the ECS music department's plans for expanding ensembles, music courses, and concerts.

Our Ensembles:
  • Junior Strings - Beginning string musicians. Little to no experience required. Typically Grade 4.
  • Chamber Strings - Intermediate string musicians. 1-2 years experience required. Typically Grades 4-5.
  • Philharmonia- Advanced string musicians. 3+ years experience required. Typically Grades 6-8.
  • Junior Wind Ensemble - Beginning band. Little to no experience required. Typically Grade 4.
  •  Chamber Wind Ensemble - Intermediate string musicians. 1-2 years experience required. Typically 4-5.
  • Concert Band - Intermediate band. 1-2 years experience required. Typically Grades 6-8.
Our Middle Grades Courses:
Music in Storytelling - Learn about the influential role of music in storytelling through the creation of their own music composition. Students will develop their narrative (personal, fictional, or factual), select a medium (film, tv, video game, musical, commercial, etc.), and compose an original musical piece that communicates the emotions, thoughts, and meanings behind their story.

Music & Movement - Learn how music and movement work in tandem and how learning is reinforced through physical expression. Students will understand the characteristics of music around the world and the dance movements that are associated with that genre of music. They will also learn how the brain uses music as a form of expression and a way to reinforce information, make connections, convey culture.

Music LIVE! - Learn how music and the stage work in tandem and take an in depth look at how society in the 21st century consumes performing arts. Through the assessment of Broadway, movies, television, awards shows, reality and game shows, students will gain a deeper understanding the entertainment industry, on and off camera.

Our Intermediate and Middle School Concerts:
The ECS Music Department plans two concerts each school year: one in winter and one in spring. Additionally, the music department hosts a special event in the fall and spring for students just starting in the Band & Orchestra program, a Junior Wind & Junior Strings Showcase.

Take a peek into the music classroom!

The ECS Music Department is excited to utilize the new space at the Middle School and support a dedicated space at the Intermediate School to grow and focus our ensembles, to explore self-expression through music, and to foster inquiry in the arts.

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Middle Grades Music:
Next week, you will learn about  leadership in our three buildings!  Stay tuned!

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