One Foot Expansion Update: The Classroom & Corridor
ECS Families and Friends,

We are in our last phase of the System Expansion Process.  We continue to provide information about the vision for our schools, inform you about details for the upcoming school year, and acquainting you with our renovated facility and our Garfield neighbors.

This week, our focus is on a wing of of the building which houses one grade level. We like to call these grade level-focused areas, "neighborhoods."  Students will learn and grow in their Neighborhood throughout their loop, and make it home, with student work, quotes, and agreed upon norms for maintaining the space daily and over time.   Restrooms are located in each neighborhood, as well as designated classrooms for Cultural Literacy, Mathematics, Science , and a *new* Literacy class. Additionally, each neighborhood has a Teacher Collaboration Room for educators to plan collaboratively and to confidentially share information about students' academic and socio-emotional growth.  A Student Collaboration Room provides a designated space for small group instruction, student club meetings, or small group work.  Finally, an additional Flex Room in the neighborhood will be a space that teachers and students collaboratively program for once they are "living" in the space.  It will be outfitted with flexible seating, small and large group tables, and spaces for students and staff to expand project-based learning, small group instruction, and other ideas that support an exceptional and unique student experience.

Check out the images below for the what the typical layout of a classroom and neighborhood will look like!

Now that you know the layout of each neighborhood, let's take a look inside!

Before making decisions about furniture, we considered the following questions:
  • How do students work in classrooms in the 21st century?  What materials do classrooms need to store? How can classrooms be fitted for the ideal learning environment for many different learning styles?
  • What kinds of activities and what types of learning would ideally happen in classrooms and shared spaces? How might furniture selection reflect these ideals?
  • How do students and teachers store their belongings?  How might we think about storage to support student learning and growing? How can we design spaces to allow for flexibility? How can we design spaces to promote student voice and choice?
*Colors and layout may change*

Next week, we will take you through a science classroom and what some out-the-door experiences may look like for our middle grades students.
Stay tuned!

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