One Good Idea for Teaching Children
“One good idea. I’m not looking to be overloaded more than I am. Just give me one.”

This month we have the second article in the four-part series “One Good Idea.” Pastor Dan Schroeder of St. Peter Lutheran Church in Modesto, California, will share one idea for teaching adults, youth, children, and confirmation classes. Although each group has different learning needs, the one good idea for the month may spark ideas for teaching other age groups. This month’s article focuses on teaching children.

Pastor Dan Schroeder serves as pastor at St. Peter Lutheran Church in Modesto, California. He previously served in Jackson, Wisconsin; Chula Vista, California; and as Bible Study Editor at Northwestern Publishing House.
They never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah.  Acts 5:42
Adult Education: Additum
Leading Small Group Discussions?

If you lead a small group Bible study, this article provides four easy things any leader can do to facilitate growth-focused discussions. On page 2 of the article, check out suggested responses for when the group has wandered off topic. The theology of the article may not always agree with ours, but there is much to learn here about leading group discussions.

Teaching Toolbox
Catechism Options

The new catechism curriculum from Northwestern Publishing House by Pastor Timothy Shrimpton has two courses. Take a look at some suggestions on how these could be used in a congregation depending on how many years the students are in catechism classes and if there is parental involvement in the teaching.

Curriculum Connection
Growing in the Word

A refrain we hear very regularly is that students are entering catechism class with little to no knowledge of Bible history. The pastor can’t assume that students understand allusions or even direct references to Bible stories. Last month we introduced two catechism curricula that develop the lessons from Bible stories. You were able to see samples of Growing in Grace , the 32-lesson course that takes the students through the six chief parts of the catechism.

This month you can view samples of Growing in the Word, a 58-lesson course that presents Bible history lessons in chronological order while bringing in the catechism parts where applicable.

Teacher’s Guide Sample
Student Lesson Sample

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Teaching Tip
Best Practices

Make a list of favorite practices of your past teachers that helped you to learn. Make another list of your least favorite practices of your past teachers. Incorporate the former ideas and avoid the latter, unless it would help the teaching process to bring in some of the unpleasant practices.
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