One Good Thing
Improving the Work Experience at UCSF

Issue 119
To make our True North "Our People" efforts more visible at UCSF, this communication provides a highlight of one enhancement, story or tip intended to improve the work experience for clinicians and faculty at UCSF Health.
Cope Resources
You May Not Know About Yet

With COVID rising, racism on our collective minds and hearts, and any personal challenges we may also be facing, let's just say, it's a LOT to handle. When I'm feeling a little, or a lot, out of sorts, I find the following Viktor Frankl quote helpful, "An abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal behavior."

Acknowledging that, it's worth doubling down on our own mental health and that of our teams. The healthier we are, the better we'll be able to serve in the missions we care about in our work and our lives.

The Department of Psychiatry's Cope program is open to staff, trainees and faculty across all UCSF sites and offers support for anxiety, stress and distress related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on work and family life.

Several lesser known resources include the following:

Departmental/Divisional Town Halls
A leader from the Dept of Psychiatry will pair with your group to host a group meeting to openly talk about challenges group members are facing and resources to support. Request a Town Hall for your group by emailing .

Resilience Small Groups and Wellness Workshops
Looking for a smaller group session? Resilience small groups or skill building workshops may be the perfect format. For more information or to request sessions, email  

Want to support your team, but don't know what steps would be best? This How-To Guide for leaders and managers offers some basic steps to keep your team's well being front and center.

A collection of free you tube videos by UCSF mental health professionals on a variety of topics including:

Need more personalized help?
Take the anonymous screener to help plug you into care or resources at or text 83973. Also check out this comprehensive list of resources.

Huge Thanks to the UCSF Department of Psychiatry for such a wonderful library of resources and your support of our entire UCSF community across sites. Specific thanks to Christina Mangurian and Margo Pumar for providing the details for this One Good Thing.

Wishing everyone a healthy and restorative weekend.
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