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One Hall works with local partners to to create and share
community resources so that Hall County residents can access
pathways out of poverty. We encourage you to share this email with
those who are looking for jobs and/or job training in
the Gainesville/Hall county community.

Announcements and Special Events

Wednesday, March 31, 2021 
at the Gainesville Civic Center. 

Sponsored by Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce

 The community Spring Job Fair will feature 60+ employer booths and is a great opportunity to learn about local companies that are hiring. Be prepared to meet employers face-to-face and complete job applications on site.

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Gainesville-Hall County Job Lists and Resources

Employ Georgia is a secure, web-based system used to connect job seekers with job openings.

Within Employ Georgia, Job Seekers can:
  • view job postings based on specific search criteria, including ones recommended for you based on your skills and experience
  • save job searches and schedule daily or weekly email notices of new jobs matching your search criteria
  • control the information an employer can see about you and how you want to be contacted
  • research careers
  • research information about employers and training opportunities

Additionally, Employ Georgia may match you to jobs you have the skills for, but for which you may not have considered applying. Employ Georgia Focus/Career Explorer uses artificial intelligence to match your skills to jobs and rank them with 1 to 5 stars, showing how well you qualify for a position.

The Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to providing resources to match employer job openings with stellar employees. We understand the importance of attracting and retaining qualified employees, and offer member businesses several unique partnerships and opportunities to help find and keep the best employees. 

Link HERE for list of area employers that currently have job openings or click on company name below

Mobile Training Units and Career Coaches
The “Career Coaches” bring our services to all corners of the WorkSource Georgia Mountains region. The services provided by the Mobile Training Units at the local level benefit both our program participants and all residents of the communities we serve.
Services Offered To Job Seekers
  • Individualized Job Searches
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Workforce Skills and Typing Training
  • Computer Skills Training
  • Microsoft Office Training
  • OJT / GED / Career Skills Assessments
  • Career Interest Assessments
  • Information about GMWD Programs
Please see the WD Event Calendar to find out where the Mobile Training Units will be next!

(770) 538-2727
1856 Thompson Bridge Rd, Gainesville, 30501
Hours: Monday—Friday: 8:00AM–6:00PM

Click here for job lists:

*Dislocated worker: When individuals become dislocated workers as a result of job loss, mass layoffs, global trade dynamics, or transitions in economic sectors, the Dislocated Worker program provides services to assist them in re-entering the workforce.
WorkSource Georgia Mountains recently received The National *Dislocated Worker Grant (NDWG). This federal grant is designed to temporarily expand capacity to serve Dislocated Workers and meet the increased demand for WIOA employment and training services with a purpose to train and employ laid off workers. 
A phase of this grant is to provide temporary work experiences to supplement worksites that need employees to assist with COVID protocols enabling regular employees to assume their normal duties. Currently positions are available in FORSYTH, HALL,STEPHENS, and LUMPKIN for eligible applicants to fill full-time temporary positions for up to 13 weeks at $14 an hour. 
Local businesses may use this grant to become a worksite and assist a Dislocated Worker in the community! Please contact Niki McPherson at or 770.538.2734 for more information on business eligibility.
Job List & Job Search
Career Connector allows you to register online and access Georgia’s job search resources from anywhere. Explore on your own or set up a time for a Career Connector overview at our career centers. We also invite you to check back soon for new features. Our team will continuously add new jobs and will roll out new features including the ability to chat with a career coach, obtain new training to support your job search and enjoy other customized resources.

Goodwill Career Center MARCH Calendar --

Older Adults: Legacy Link
Legacy Link's Senior Community Service Employment Program, known as the SCSEP, has a dual purpose: to provide useful part-time community service assignments for persons with low incomes who are 55 years old or older, while promoting transition to unsubsidized employment.
What are the eligibility criteria?
Eligibility criteria are based on age, income and place of residence. The applicant must be 55 years of age or older. The family income must be at 125% of poverty or below. A disabled person may be treated as a “family of one” for income eligibility purposes. The older person, upon initial enrollment, must reside in the state of Georgia.

Adults with Barriers:
Georgia Vocational
Rehabilitation Agency
The Vocational Rehabilitation wing of GVRA helps people with disabilities find and maintain employment. As every individual person is different, so too are the services we offer. Some people may just need hearing aid while others may need help going to college while others may assistive technology like screen readers or text magnifiers while others still might need additional training.
So if you have a disability and want to work or need our services to keep the job that you have, please contact our Customer Care unit, and they'll be able to redirect to the appropriate office and answer any questions that you have. Or, if you want to contact an office specifically or find the office closest to you, you can click here

If you need assistance with your job search -- interview techniques, resume and cover letters, best online sites for your job search

Job Training Resources
WorkSource: One Stop Shop
WorkSource Georgia Mountains is designed to assist youth, adult, and displaced workers as they seek employment and training in Georgia. WorkSource Georgia Mountains administers the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Program and is funded by the federal government.

Call for an appointment: 770-538-2727
Walk-ins welcome, M-F, 8-6pm
1856 Thompson Bridge Road, Gainesville 30501

  • TEMPORARY JOBS @ $12/hour
Click here for more information!
Goodwill Training Programs
Explore the Goodwill Training Programs by clicking on the links below to find what’s right for you. All bullet points below are links that will take you to program descriptions and access information.

Targeted Programs

Certification Programs
Participants in our Job & Career Training Programs will receive assistance with job placement and retention.

General information...
9 tips for searching for a job during COVID-19
1. Accept that things have changed
The way you used to look for jobs has changed. The types of candidates companies are looking for, how they hire, recruiting processes, and work conditions have changed. You need to accept that what may have worked for you in the past may no longer be relevant in today’s job market. 
2. Keep looking
Don’t stop your job search! Even if the companies you want to work for are not hiring or have put things on hold, it’s still important for you to keep looking for opportunities. The COVID-19 situation is very fluid. Things could change tomorrow or it could take months.
3. Be patient
Patience is important. Even if you have initial contact with an employer looking to hire, you can expect a longer hiring process. Remote setups and challenging obstacles make it difficult for companies to operate. Recruiting is no different. Have patience as companies adapt to the new normal.
4. Expand the types of jobs you’re interested in
The role you may have wanted or been interested in before the pandemic may not be available. Or it may be very different from what it was. Consider casting a wider net. Be open to different roles that you are well suited to. Perhaps it’s worth looking for similar roles in a different industry. Be flexible.
5. Consider temporary roles
There are many companies in the service, logistics and health industries looking to hire right now. If you’re not able to find full-time permanent work in your field, consider a temporary job while you continue your job search. It’s a great way to make connections and keep a stream of income flowing.
6. Leverage your online network
Even if employers are not hiring, it’s still very important to put feelers out there. Connect with your network and make it known you are looking to make a career move. Your network is one of the best sources to find a new opportunity.
7. Be ready for video interviews
Video job interviews are the new normal. Are you comfortable being on camera and setting up your video feed and microphone? Have you used video chat and meeting tools? If not, it’s time to start using them and get familiar with them so you’re comfortable and natural if you need to be ready for a video interview.
8. Update your skills
The skills and traits companies are looking for are changing. One thing that COVID-19 has highlighted is the need for people with technology skills. It’s also put a spotlight on the importance for companies to have people who have resolve. People who are flexible, adaptable, and have strong change management skills are in high demand. Highlight these skills and traits on your resume and job application.
9. Follow up
If you haven’t heard from a company after applying, make sure to follow up. There are a lot of moving parts right now. Following up and re-communicating your interest will help keep you top of mind when companies start moving forward with hiring.
Looking for a job always has its challenges. COVID-19 has made it even more challenging. Staying consistent, leveraging your network, and adapting to the changing work world is the key to make yourself the right candidate for the job.

United Way of Hall County

One Hall United Against Poverty 
The purpose of the One Hall initiative is to break the cycle of poverty in Hall County by seeking to understand poverty from the perspective of our most vulnerable citizens. We know this will take a long-term commitment and we must work side-by-side with local churches and public, private and non-profit sectors to tackle the root causes of poverty in a holistic and sustainable manner. We seek to create a community-level goal that is measurable and attainable. We will study existing statistics and work directly with those experiencing poverty to develop strategies that must be understood and addressed at a high level by the community-at-large.

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