June 19, 2017
One Health Happenings! 
We realize that this is a very long issue of One Health Happenings but we are so impressed with just how much is going on in the One Health world that we are sharing it in entirety.

Recent News
Help Celebrate the 2016 One Health Day
Student Event Winners 
May 31   Video, 'The Answer to Cancer Might be walking beside us '.
Comparative Oncology, studying naturally occurring cancers in dogs to help both dogs and people. 

May 18-June 10
2017 Duke University One Health Training Program included scholars from 7 countries: China, Egypt, Lebanon, Mongolia, Morocco, Pakistan and the USA. https://goo.gl/qfZ1y9 

May 15
  European medical schools urged to adopt 'One Health' approach. 
May   CTSA One Health Alliance (COHA) "Walking the Talk"
           Report on the U.S. National Institutes of Health's (NIH) Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) One Health Alliance or COHA, a consortium of veterinary schools and human medical schools that have received NIH CTSA Awards and that partner to advance translational research to speed up the process by which laboratory discoveries make their way into clinical practice. https://goo.gl/bVD99K 

May 8
    Prominent U.S. Tuberculosis Expert
               and One Health Leader Dies

    Dr. Charles O. Thoen, a veterinarian internationally recognized for his extensive knowledge and expertise in tuberculosis and an avid One Health leader/advocate, died  unexpectedly Monday, May 8, 2017. https://goo.gl/JKxfZj   
May 1   The American Veterinary Epidemiology Society (AVES) appointed Laura H. Kahn , MD, MPH, MPP , to its board of directors.  
          Dr. Kahn, co-founder of the One Health Initiative team and website and author of the recently published book One Health and the Politics of Antimicrobial Resistance, had previously received the AVES' highest honor "Gold Headed Cane" award and is the first physician in AVES history to serve on its board.
April 30  One Health Central and East Africa (OHCEA) Report
 World Veterinary Day 2017, themed 'Continuing Education with a One Health Focus', culminated at Makerere University, Uganda. The Ugandan Prime Minister presided over the day, noting on behalf of Ugandan president Museveni that the One Health approach is the right way to solve Uganda's current health challenges. https://goo.gl/1fDSEU 

April 19  Open Science Can Save the Planet 
 TEDx Brussels Commentary on Open Access Publishing. One of the reasons we have become so ensiloed across professions is the exclusionary, closed structure of historic and current scientific publication systems. The world spends $2.3 Trillion taxpayer dollars on research to produce around 2 million research articles every year, but approximately 90% of our science results are locked away behind expensive paywalls, not widely available to the public, companies or researchers across disciplines. Kamila Markram ,CEO of Open Access publishing company, Frontiers, makes a case for why open science is the key to innovation, economic growth and solutions for a sustainable future. https://goo.gl/8yIVQp

April    One Health on Tulane University Public Health Radio Hour (WHIV 102.3).
            Interviews about One Health with Dr. Susan McLellan, Ben Norton and Samantha
.       https://goo.gl/G8ZwaB

            and the One Health Tripartite, WHO, FAO, OIE.  https://goo.gl/7tsZsP

March 21
A new professorship in One Health
has been established in the Iowa State University
College of Veterinary Medicine through a recent gift from One Health Champions Dr. Roger Mahr and wife Marilyn of St. Charles, Ill.  https://goo.gl/85bwkr

March 21  
USDA Announced $11 million to Support Antimicrobial Resistance Research.    
Nov 20-11, 2016  
GCOH Conference Summary available
 2nd WVA/WMA Global Conference on One Health (GCOH): Moving forward from One Health Concept to One Health Approach, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. https://goo.gl/rhUjcr 
Unmask My City - New global initiative  highlights the connections between climate change and air pollution. Coordinated by the Global Climate and Health Alliance and Global Call for Climate Action.

Recent and Upcoming Events
  June 22-25, 2018
             5th International One Health Congress, Saskatoon, Canada,
          Absracts due by Nov 2, 2017. https://goo.gl/fr8hjF 

Dec 14-16, 2017
Oct 26-27    One Health - Medical and Veterinary Virus Research (MVVR) Conference
          Accelerating Virus Research in East Africa, Nairobi.  http://mvvr.org/
         Montego Bay, Jamaica.  https://goo.gl/pSXZvL

         Houston, Texas, USA, Hosted by Harris County Public Health, Veterinary Public
         Health and Baylor College of Medicine, National School of Tropical Medicine.
         This conference brings together animal and human health professionals to 
         promote collaboration and the "One Health" concept. https://goo.gl/L2jjRQ 


          Transdisciplinary research evaluation - From methodological challenges to 
          indicator definitions, Zurich, Switzerland. https://goo.gl/kY2wTX 

June 21   One Earth - One Health Workshop: Contribution of Earth Observation to
          Public Health Practices, at the Earth Observation Summit 2017 (June 20-22),
          Montreal, Canada.  https://goo.gl/HuPy7H

June 20-21 Combating Antimicrobial Resistance: A One Health Approach,
         Public workshop,
U.S. National Academies of Science, Engineering and  
         Medicine's Health and Medicine Division, Forum on Microbial Threats.          

June 19 
BIO International Convention One Health Day,  San Diego, CA, USA.
June 15  The Confluence of Science, Policy, Politics, and the Multisectoral Approach to
         Zoonotic Disease , Webinar hosted by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and 
         Prevention (CDC) One Health Office. https://goo.gl/5kzqZ2  

         Annual Symposium of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science.
June 5-6   Epidemiology in Complex Systems: One Health approaches to solving complete     issues in Public Health, Productions Animal Health, and Ecosystems  Health , Canadian Association of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (CAVEPM) 2017 Conference, University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.        

May 25  Developing a One Health antibacterial prescription surveillance approach
        through the use of health informatics Venue, The Congregation, Vaughan House,
        Portsmouth Street, The University of Manchester, M13 9GB.

May 24-26  67th Annual James Steele Conference on Diseases in Nature Transmissible
         to Man (DIN), Irving, Texas, USA . https://goo.gl/vmWxAn

May 23  One Health- The Solution? 17th Annual BioDundee Conference,
          Dundee, Scottland. https://goo.gl/aPdr2S 

May 1 15years embracing the One Health initiative at the Bronson Animal Disease
           Diagnostic Laboratory, Florida', by Gizela Maldonado DVM, MS, MCVP, CPM,         
           Invited talk in the 'Veterinary Pathology' Session at the 3rd Annual Congress of
           Mexican Pathologists, Mérida, Yucatan, México.     
April 28-30 Inaugural Planetary Health / GeoHealth Annual Meeting
        Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Recordings online.

April 28   Disease across Species: Science, Ethics, and Anthropology of One Health,
       OH workshop in Singapore - Singapore University of Technology and Design

April 15
One Health Fair , Hosted by the Institute for Conservation Medicine
St. Louis Zoo, St. Louis, Missouri, USA. https://goo.gl/XjCvG1 

April 4-6  One Health- One Place, Biovision-The World Life Sciences Forum,
         12th Edition, Lyon, France  https://goo.gl/tZWZqw
          Workshop: Metagenomics-the technology leap on microbiota study and its
          impact on ONE HEALTH      
         Public Plenary Closing Session: From global health to ONE HEALTH   
April 4  One Health, One Planet Symposium and Reception, Phipps Conservatory
        and Botanical Gardens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.   https://goo.gl/BN2WPa

Young Leaders for Health Conference 2017, August 17-20, Berlin Germany. Comprehensive workshop, lecture program and simulation of the World Health Assembly (WHA), the major decision-making body of the World Health Organisation. https://goo.gl/Y8RRJH  
Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Summer School    (May 1 deadline; Catch it next year?) Teams of University students, in close collaboration with UN organisations, conceive ways to use open data, crowdsourcing technologies, and low-cost open source solutions to tackle sustainable development in ways that even schoolchildren can participate in, and develop prototypes suitable for deployment. Travel and accommodations support available to successful applicants.  https://goo.gl/YLEm9y

Post-Doctoral Research Associate  CIRES in Boulder, CO and the Earth Lab initiative, seeks post-doctoral researchers to push the frontiers of coupled earth and social system science. 
This project will explore how we can better understand the links between environmental change and human health. Position open until filled. https://goo.gl/JAxxF6  
  One Health Program Director For the Global Health Delivery Program at the University of Global Health Equity (UGHE) in Kigali, Uganda. With Partners in Health.

One Health Research Director , University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinary Medicine, Will develop a program that combines a research-focused MS degree with the VMD.   https://goo.gl/91QtNr 
Biological Scientist - Epidemiology / Statistical Analyst , Florida Atlantic University, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute, Wildlife Epidemiology and Population Health Lab, Fort Pierce, Florida, USA, https://goo.gl/a9V0FC   Search Job Posting #979543 
Faculty and Fellows   The University of Sasketchewan's Global Water Futures (GWF) programme and Canada First Research Excellence Fund have 7 new faculty positions in areas of Remote Sensing, Cold Regions Hydrological Processes, Socio-hydrology and decision making under uncertainty, Hydro-Economics, Integrated Risk Assessment Modelling, Water and Health, Statistical hydrology and stochastic processes. http://gwf.usask.ca/join-us.php
G lobal Water Futures: www.globalwaterfutures.ca
Global Institute for Water Security:

 One Health Publications 
SPOTLIGHT!!  Helpful to Know!

In celebration of One Health Day 2016 a special Issue highlighting One Health Training, Research and Outreach around the world was published in the online, open access journal,
Infection Ecology and Epidemiology . Be sure to check out the student sections.  https://goo.gl/P1sD9o 
A framework for One Health research , J Lebov, K Grieger, D Womack, D Zaccaro, N Whitehead, B Kowalcyk, PDM MacDonald, One Health Journal, Vol 3, June 2017, Pages 44-50. https://goo.gl/Ug9bM4
Development of a project proposal supporting a sustainable future for people and planet, George Lueddeke, Chair, One Health Education Task Force, Invited article,
Africa Health News. https://goo.gl/YJ1sKP

  One Health for the 21st Century - Blog post by Billy Karesh on BIOtechNOW

  Preparing society to create the world we need through One Health education:
Conference Report from the One Health Education Task Force, GR Lueddeke, GE Kaufman, JM Lindenmayer, CM Stroud, SEEJPH 2017, Vol. 8. DOI
10.4119/UNIBI/SEEJPH-2017-142.  https://goo.gl/Fx4W1y

Antibiotic Resistance in an Indian Rural Community: A One-Health Observational Study on Commensal Coliform from Humans, Animals, and Water, MR Purohit, S Chandran, H Shah, V Diwan, AJ Tamhankar, CS Lundborg, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2017, 14(4), 386; doi:  10.3390/ijerph14040386    https://goo.gl/jZA6as

  Nature supplement on animal health
  A supplement released by Nature (Outlook) "examines how climate change is pushing some diseases into formerly 'safe' regions of the world, looks at the challenges of treating common parasites that affect cats and dogs, discusses efforts to vaccinate gorillas against Ebola and considers how a holistic, one-health approach to disease could further the well-being of humans, pets and other animals".                
  Evidence points to a strong link between lack of access to nature areas and poor health outcomes and inequality. It associates nature deprivation with higher obesity levels, mental health problems, and mortality rates.   https://goo.gl/2cMXSc 

Roadmap to a One Health Agenda 2030, Queenan, Garnier, Rosenbaum, Nielsen, Buttigieg, de Meneghi, Holmberg, Zinsstag, Rüegg, Häsler, Kock, CAB Reviews, 2017 12, No. 014.   
  Perspective: The one-health way,
Laura Kahn, Nature, Vol. 543, Page S47, doi:10.1038/543S47a 
Incorporating one health into medical education, P Rabinowitz, BJ Natterson-Horowitz, L Kahn, R Kock, M Pappaioanou, BMC Medical Education,
2017, 17:45, DOI:10.1186/s12909-017-0883-6. 

T Nyatanyi, et al., BMJ GlobalHealth 2017; 2: e000121, doi:10.1136/bmjgh-2016-000121
One Health: New Term, Ancient Concept, L. Kahn, Commentary in American Veterinarian. https://goo.gl/oQt8bi

One Health approach essential to controlling public health threats - (A call to human health practitioners) Healio Infectious Disease News
           "People have said, 'Well, One Health is great, but it's sort of a public or global health thing and it's not going to affect me and my practice. No, there's a role for clinicians in One Health that we're trying to define and encourage. We feel that clinicians need to be aware of it and implement it in their daily practice." Peter Rabinowitz       https://goo.gl/kReouw

One health economics for healthy people, agriculture and environment, Blog post,Franck Berth, Timothy Bouley, Patrick Osewe, World Bank, Investing in Health, News and Views in Healthy Development. https://goo.gl/RbNy9V

Protecting the planet and sustainable development, Laura Kahn, Short Report, SEEJPH, 2017, posted 05 Feb, 2017. http://www.seejph.com/index.php/seejph/article/view/135

The UN Sustainable Development Goals and the One Health Concept: a Case for Synergistic Collaborations Towards a Common Cause , G Lueddeke, World Medical Journal, Vol 62, pp. 162-167. https://goo.gl/BCdTbe

C Robinette, L Saffranb, A Ruple, SL Deem, One Health (3), 2017, p1-4.
  One Health-Transdisciplinary opportunities for SETAC leadership in integrating and improving the health of people, animals, and the environment, AA Aguirre, VR Beasley, T Augspurger, WH  Benson, J Whaley, N Basu yy, Environmental Toxicology and ChemistryVol. 35, No. 10, October 2016. https://goo.gl/7ZxWi2 

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