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June 23, 2018  

ISOHA is the international organization for student One Health groups across the globe. ISOHA is made up of One Health clubs at universities as well as individual members interested in promoting One Health. Originally called Students for One Health, ISOHA collaborates with the One Health Commission to provide One Health programming to students across disciplines around the world. Contact i sohaexco@gmail.com Follow I SOHA on Facebook . https://goo.gl/1x8qXu

Future One Health leaders: Penn One Health goes abroad

Three students with diverse expertise will study the effects of Campylobacter on Nepali populations through interdisciplinary perspectives. https://goo.gl/3CgvVP
Lord Soulsby of Swaffham Prior was an eminent parasitologist and a vocal champion of One Health and the Soulsby Foundation was created in his memory to provide One Health Research Travel Fellowships to young professionals. (See http://bit.ly/2O9JSJI ) The Foundation is currently seeking two Board of Trustee members to includ a Secretary/Treasurer. Requirements: DVM or MD. If you would like to play an active international role in promoting One Health, contact Secretariat@SoulsbyFoundation.org .  
Closing date, 7th September 2018. 

Due out September 25, 2018
New book by George R. Lueddeke, PhD. With a Foreword by David Heyman and over 50 organisations contributing, this book is meant for policy-makers, NGOs, practitioners, academicians, students, and the public. It addresses major global issues we face to ensure sustainability of planet and people. https://goo.gl/gBML6K


One Health Resources at US CDC's One Health Website
Three new workshop reports available from Tanzania, Cameroon, and Côte d’Ivoire.

Three new stories highlighting One Health work around the world have been posted.

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Iowa State will be home to the new Institute for Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Education , aimed at improving health for people, animals and the environment. https://goo.gl/x3TC9j

Meeting for the first time in February 2017 the European Commission set up an AMR One Health network of government experts from the human health, animal health, and environmental sectors, as well as EU scientific agencies working in the human and animal health sectors (ECDC, EMA, and EFSA) to assist with and accelerate collaborations needed to ensure that lessons learnt from successful strategies are made accessible to all Member States.  https://goo.gl/Wiobym

The EU-funded MediLabSecure project (2014-2018) uses the One Health approach to increase health security in the Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, establishing an integrated network of virology and entomology laboratories in nineteen non-EU countries of the region to promote integrated surveillance of emerging and re-emerging arthropod-transmitted viruses in the beneficiary countries. https://goo.gl/FbME9M
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Hershey, Pennsylvania, The I naugural Pennsylvania One Health Forum is being held in conjunction with the Keystone Veterinary Conference, sponsored by the Goddard Chair and Endowment at Pennsylvania State in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association and the Pennsylvania One Health Task Force. Event information here https://goo.gl/V7ZWau

Scientists and public health workers share their experiences unraveling and stopping the 2015 Zika pandemic. The stories of those on the frontlines of virus response, innovative strategies, cross-border collaborations, and cutting edge research will reveal the importance of working together to stop the spread of diseases in our connected world. https://goo.gl/ovwfes

University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada. This annual three-day workshop introduces the concept of One Health. Participants interact with high-calibre One Health leaders from across North America. Group discussions and social events provide time to meet other students from different backgrounds. https://wcvm.usask.ca/ohle/#About
September 14-15, 2018  
One Health, One Goal Texas One Health Conference

Harris County Public Health's One Health Conference brings together animal and human healthcare professionals under one roof to discuss critical and relevant One Health topics with experts in the field. We are committed to creating healthy, resilient communities by promoting and sustaining the health and well-being of humans, animals, and the environment by:
  • Aligning education and communication efforts
  • Creating and enhancing multidisciplinary community partnerships
  • Promoting One Health principles
  • https://goo.gl/abHoQz
September 14-15, 2018 
Inaugural Appalachia One Health Leadership Experience

Lincoln Memorial University, Harrogate, Tennessee. Led by the Center for Animal and Human Health in Appalachia, Nursing, Osteopathy, Veterinary and Undergrad students from across the entire Lincoln Memorial Campus will be mixed together to learn about One Health.
September 28, 2018  

  • Organize a combined One Health Day / World Rabies Day event - Be sure to register them on both websites, http://bit.ly/2ALvFRy  and http://bit.ly/2IEA1bM
  • Nominate (by September 7) a rabies champion for a World Rabies Day Award,
  • Join the conversation: Twitter @rabiesalliance
Facebook @GlobalAllianceforRabiesControl, #WorldRabiesDay https://goo.gl/Yn59rw
October 5-6, 2018 

Fort Collins, Colorado, Sponsored by the University of Colorado’s Gates Center for Regenerative Medicine and Colorado State University, this Zoobiquity Conference will engage investigators to share their knowledge and the challenges of designing and administering stem cell therapies for both animals and people. It includes a visit to the Colorado State University Veterinary Hospital and Teaching Center and a full day of scientific presentations. View Agenda
NOTE FOR STUDENTS:  Registration fee is greatly reduced for students as this will be a wonderful forum for medical and veterinary students to gather/interact. https://goo.gl/HP6eZy
October 28-November 1, 2018 

New Orleans, Louisiana USA. Learn world-class research findings, clinical updates, and topical discussions about the hot-button global issues from the world’s brightest scientific experts and thought leaders. Early bird registration until September 22. https://goo.gl/SLwuY h
University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA.
For Graduate, Undergraduate, and Veterinary students interested in wildlife health and disease ecology, wildlife conservation medicine, and One Health.
November 9-12, 2018

Vienna, Austria, IMED 2018 will once again bring leading scientists, clinicians and policy makers to Vienna to present new knowledge and breakthroughs, and discuss how to discover, d etect, monitor, understand, prevent, and respond to outbreaks of emerging pathogens. https://goo.gl/DfDB4E
July 16-18, 2019

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Hosted by the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ESCMID). Recognizing that control and prevention of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) requires a holistic One Health approach involving specialists from different sectors, the 2nd ICOHAR will bring together representatives from the public health, medical, veterinary and food safety sectors to share research and education strategies and tools for understanding and reducing the risks of AMR from a One Health pers pective. Abstract deadline: 19 December 2018. https://goo.gl/cCLjCm
May 26-29, 2019

Helsinki, Finland. Hosted by the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC). Scientists from various disciplines and sectors will present, debate, and disseminate the most recent scientific knowledge, developments and applications for:
  • Reducing and regulating the use of chemicals in the environment,
  • Remediating soil, air and water pollution,
  • Proposing the use of more sustainable chemicals.
  • https://goo.gl/Rgi3mP
These are events that have passed but we would like you to be aware of!
May 7-11, 2018  

Madrid, Spain.  During one week, Dr. Hachid from the Institut Pasteur in Algeria , a member of the MediLabSecure human virology network, received scientific technical assistance in the area of diagnosis and molecular characterization of West Nile and related flaviviruses from the animal virology coordinating team at INIA-CISA which shared protocols and techniques for molecular and serological diagnosis, storage and shipment of samples and reagents, biosecurity, etc. highlighting the mutual benefice of intersectoral collaboration towards an integrated One Health surveillance. https://goo.gl/zL9AnU
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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health American Health Initiative tackles some of the most pressing challenges to public health in the United States: Addiction and Overdose, Environmental Challenges, Obesity and the Food System, Risks to Adolescent Health and Violence. The Fellows Program offers a full scholarship and $10,000 stipend for the Master of Public Health (MPH) and Doctorate of Public Health (DrPH) programs. Deadline December 1, 2018. https://goo.gl/khrbJc

Applications open in November for One Health Travel Fellowships for 2019 . Supporting research and other charitable activities associated with promoting the concept of “One Health” among the medical and veterinary professions internationally. See the 2018 Soulsby Travel Fellows .   https://goo.gl/yoVKqF
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BMJ 2018;362:k3020, 2018 July 12, doi.org/10.1136/bmj.k3020. Includes Interview Recording

Buttigieg SC, Savic S, Cauchi D, Lautier E, Canali M and Aragrande M (2018) Brucellosis Control in Malta and Serbia: A One Health Evaluation. Front. Vet. Sci. 5:147.
doi: 10.3389/fvets.2018.00147

Bailey ES, Fieldhouse JK, Choi JY, Gray GC, Front. Public Health, 2018 April 9, https://doi.org/10.3389/fpubh.2018.00104

Muñoz-Prieto A, Nielsen LR, Martinez-Subiela S, Mazeikiene J, Lopez-Jornet P, Savić S and Tvarijonaviciute A, (2018) Front. Vet. Sci . 5:163. https://doi.org/10.3389/fvets.2018.00163
Popular Media

 One Health and Comparative Research - Rarity of cancer in elephants may help explain cancer in humans
Kohn D, Health and Science, Washington Post, 21 July 2018.  https://goo.gl/pfjWH4
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