March 15, 2018
One Health Opportunities
online Bulletin Board
The One Health Commission
has updated its Opportunities webpage to an online
One Health Opportunities Bulletin Board.

The global One Health Community has long called for a mechanism to share and identify relevant educational, employment, and funding opportunities. In past years there have been challenges in making the world aware that the Commission is trying to help in this way, receiving announcement requests, getting them posted on the Opportunities webpage and included in One Health Happenings News Notes in a timely manner.

Starting in 2018, we are trying a more interactive, honor system-driven, series of online
One Health Opportunity Bulletin Boards that will include links to ongoing One Health educational programs. The global One Health Community is encouraged to both submit and review announcements here. ( )

Anyone, from anywhere in the world, who has One Health-related educational, employment, or funding opportunities to share can submit them in the appropriate category directly to the online bulletin board via a submission form. Required information will include the name and email address of the person submitting the posting, a (brief) description of the Opportunity, an online link if available, and a contact for further information. If the words One Health are not found in the announcement title, a brief statement of how the opportunity relates to One Health is required in the description.

It will take some time for the world to start submitting items. But we hope this webpage will soon be helpful both for those sharing One Health relevant opportunities and those searching for them. Please submit your items today.

Thank You for participating!
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Prepared by C. Stroud, Jenna Pappaz and Blair Budd 
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