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One Low Retail Price Of $19.95!
More Flexibility For Your Shop!
Two Great Products!  
More Flexibility For Your Shop

What do you need to draw people to your shop?
  • Demonstrations?
  • Workshops?
  • Classes?
  • Displays?

Or, do you simply need more margin?


We've bundled the Perfect Corner Ruler with the "Drawing The Line On Accuracy" book for the price of the book alone!


This gives you the additional flexibility of keeping the products bundled or selling them separately. Although they are sold packaged together, each is labeled for individual, UPC sale.


Marketing and demonstration storyboards are available at www.PerfectCornerRuler.com .  


Note: This offer is for quilt shops only. All prices shown are at retail as we cannot control the distribution of our emails. Normal wholesale and distributor discounts apply.


"Drawing The Line On Accuracy" Plus The Perfect Corner Ruler At Only $19.95 Retail! - A Savings Of $14.95!    

Drawing The Line On Accuracy The Perfect Corner Ruler creates all corner triangles with ease, accuracy, fabric savings, and speed!! PLUS: "Drawing The Line On Accuracy"! All at the price of the book itself: $19.95!

The instructions for the ruler let you create perfect corners with existing "Sew & Flip" patterns.

The book provides information on:
  • Includes the two patterns shown on the cover;
  • Why the ruler works;
  • Why the Perfect Corner Method solves all of the deficiencies of all of the other corner triangle methods;
  •  Tips on aligning the fill-in triangle;
  • Details on creating the five most common corner triangle configurations including how to design the blocks to fit into your own creations without mathematics; and,
  • The Perfect Corner Ruler.
Be amazed at your results and capabilities!  
Produce Name: "Drawing The Line On Accuracy: Plus The Perfect Corner Ruler! - One Low Price"

Product ID:
Author/Inventor: Ruth Grihalva of Raggedy Ruth Designs at Forever In Stitches, LLC 
The "Quilt Of Many Colors" comes in al bed sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King. The "Cactus Flow" is a table runner. 
Special Tools & Products:
The Perfect Corner Ruler, included. 
Retail: $19.95
Techniques: Piecing focusing on perfect corner triangles.   
Retail On-line Purchases: ForeverInStitches.com   

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Country of Origin: USA
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