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Meet Me Wednesdays News:
August 17, 2020

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 We don't want to be socially distant, but for now we MUST stay physically distant. 

Thank you to all our athletes who 
have kept on checking in!
You can arrange to pick up the shirt, cap or pin you have earned while we have been apart by emailing us here:

By checking in on Wednesday, you are automatically entered in the RAFFLE!

Our sponsors are buying gift cards to support our Meet Me restaurants!

 This week, you could win $25 at Proof Artisanal Pizza
(You don't have to go with Susan and Kim, but you could!)


Winners will be notified by email, 
announced on our Facebook page (like us, please!) 
and right here in next week's newsletter!

Last Week's winners were: 
Sarah L.: $25 at Zinburger
and Petra G.: $25 at The Running Shop!
(Both winners have been notified)

Please keep getting out and checking in, and sharing your safe physical distancing photos!

If you have questions about COVID-19, see the TMC COVID-19 page:
You can also see daily updates at the Pima County Health Page:

The TMC Now app gives you 24/7 access to physicians that are licensed to practice in Arizona through the convenience of phone, video, or mobile app visits.  It's an affordable option for quality medical care. Have a virtual visit with a licensed doctor anytime, anywhere on your phone or computer.


We will continue to offer online ordering for convenient curbside pickup via but now, once again, we have the option to offer you a full service dining experience in both our dining rooms and spacious outdoor patio at St. Philip's Plaza.

Chris shares this fascinating view of St. Philip's Plaza, from 1965!
Look at all that water!

Kristin hikes in Washington! Gorgeous!
Chris and Joan in their brand new caps, in Wisconsin!
We know it is little anonymous, but we are going with it! Looking Good!

If you have earned
your shirt or cap, email us here, we'll help you get it! 
Dale, Barbara, Lee and Midge all properly masked up and OUT!
Petra and Cillian with their bandanas at the ready!
So many possible captions... Just smile if you have that shirt, too!
Chris is pretty tall, but those are miniature horses!
Phyllis, Sharmin and Jean pose so adorably!
Check out socially distanced but very smiley Nan! Miss you!