One Message E-News: Jesus Feeds Us
This Summer we will continue to explore the ways that "Jesus feeds us." This week's readings remind us about the presence of Christ in the Eucharist. As you may recall, during this past Easter season, we had a special Mission: Find Christ. The Saint Kateri School and Family Faith Formation winners of this initiative are:

  • For Saint Kateri School it's a tie! Mrs. Wilson's First Grade and Mrs. Michael's Third Grade classes

  • For Family Faith Formation it's Maureen Bacchetta's Family Group

Congratulations to our winners! Prizes coming soon!

Explore this week how you are nourished through the Eucharist at Mass and think about how you can share Jesus with others. Grateful for gifts received, we share generously from our hearts to those around us!
Get Involved and Get Connected
Check out these opportunities to get connected to community, serve those in need and build faith-filled friendships.
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Serve - Day of Service
Gather - Kids Alpha and VBS
Go deeper - Saints for Kids
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Go Deeper - We Adore - Catholic Teens explore the gift of Jesus in the Eucharist
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