Bite-Size Blog #19

One Minute Digest on Sustainability

My business card reads writer, speaker, activist. But more than anything else, I am a sustainability advocate and often write about the fact that "Nothing is more important than Sustainability."
Today, I want to share some "big picture" facts from an article on the World Population Website referenced below. My "Six from Hicks" nuggets from the article:
  1. We're currently using the equivalent of 1.6 planet Earths when it comes to the sustainability of our natural resources.
  2. If everyone in the world lived at the "average European level," the planet could only sustain 2 billion people. It gets worse...
  3. If everyone lived at the "average American level," only 1 billion people could be sustained indefinitely. Even 3rd graders can tell you that's not going to work.
  4. Global aquifers are being pumped at 3.5 times the sustainable level.
  5. Oceans are being overfished and coral reefs are dying--yet demand for seafood continues to soar.
  6. Climate change exacerbates all of the above and is rapidly approaching the tipping point of no return.
The Bottom Line. The single most powerful step we can take in addressing our sustainability nightmare is to begin rapidly taking the animal (and the fish) out of the equation when it comes to feeding ourselves. It will greatly impact all of the above in a positive way. 

With enough committed global leadership and funding, that single action can buy us the time we need to address ALL of the other issues, like these:
  • Over-Population (still adding 200,000+ daily)
  • Over-Consumption (Stuff, stuff & more stuff)
  • Over-Dependence on Fossil Fuels

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