Welcome to the #9 edition of your One Minute with Eile Goh Newsletter for 2022!

Sigh, I might be going in for surgery again.

As we speak, I am awaiting my appointment with a new doctor for the 9th ~

This time, it is my breast. 

From what I thought was a sign to get more coverage vs a pair of earrings till now, a big revelation that something "not so normal" is happening to me. This is still a shock, and tbh, I am just so tired of all these surgeries. This would be the 6th - if I don't remember correctly.

The confident Eile still pushed up reports from last year to support the case, and who knew that the callback request from the Underwriter delivered such a bomb - No terms will be considered without further investigations. In the call, the Underwriter said the previous diagnosis was already a sign for me to monitor closely, as they wrote a 50/50 comment. She was surprised that I didn't do a half-yearly follow-up. 

My answer - I was busy.

This is as real as it gets.

I am human too. I, too, have my fears, and it is even scarier when you get to see the claims first-hand for clients and the countless stories of friends and relatives dying from Stage 4 cancers without signs or warnings when they first got diagnosed. Life has been good to all of us in one way or another, and I, too, wish to be around for a longer time. And perhaps, all this is a sign and this this message. 

I also understand we can all only buy this much insurance to protect ourselves.

Pardon me, but this message is not about that. The point is, this was never a newsletter about asking you to purchase anything, and it will never be. Please know that I am always here to share the world through my eyes, the stories of the people I see and things I feel, because we may not get to meet up as often as we want. I would like you to truly understand the position that we all stand in, make some decisions and leave instructions. Nothing beats a sense of no regrets. You know how I plan for myself - I work as if I am not going to wake up tomorrow, and perhaps, this is my theme song; my life's mission. Passing on this message, educating everyone; unconditionally.

There is also only so much that I can do to reach out, and I understand that we do miss out on the messages, and sometimes, it could be the wrong time. While we are all so busy individually, please know that I would never pass up a kopi catch up with you. At the same time, I am arranging for a launch party for the work ahead that I am doing for everyone < making some important announcements>, and I want you there! Click here!

Lastly, please do not rush for your checkups until you see me and do up your review because we don't want to know what we don't want to know and let's not give the underwriters a chance to exclude or even decline specific terms. You know where to find me, as always. I look forward to hanging out soon to click some new selfies and keeping them aside for memories! 

P.s: Keep me in your prayers, and may all be well for you, too, always. 


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