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We did it!!!! March is here and although it may be a tad premature, I'm going to say we survived another Canadian winter with style & grace. Everywhere you look there are signs of spring happening all around us and everyone is itching to get out of their houses and into the fresh air. (I even opened some windows for a few minutes to air out my house!) Spring signals another point of time in the year to begin new things or to renew commitments to projects we may have started but put aside for whatever reason. What stops us from taking that giant leap to doing what makes your heart sing? Mostly fear. Fear of something that our brains have created to hold us back. I get it. I was once told by someone I respected (at the time) that I shouldn't try to be artistic and creative if I'm not. WOW! What crappy advice that was regardless of talent level. To curb the joy someone has in their creative efforts is hurtful and just plain nonsense! It took me years to realize that I was plenty creative and to stop listening to this person's voice in my head whenever I sat down to draw or sew or paint... So I would like to dedicate this newsletter to all the people out their who are experiencing creative fears and have you take a stand at this moment in time to say "Go away fear!!! I'm done with you stomping on my joy!". Remember that when you you begin something you are a "beginner" and as such you will makes me beginner mistakes but as long as you are happy and moving forward that's all the counts. All the talented artists and craftspeople that e have at Cornerstone started out just like you ... but through hard work, practice and determination they are now selling their works through us. Need to be inspired? Drop by and take a walk through the store to see what art/crafts appeal to you. then figure out what you want to try. What have you got to lose?

From our heart to yours,
Penny & the wonderful staff at Cornerstone
ZIA piece
My Glamson turns 2 on March 16th ... Wow how time flies!
Featured Artist - Surprise!!!
Spring Cleaning Event

Surprise!! We aren't featuring just ONE artist this month at Cornerstone we are featuring several! Welcome to our....
Spring Cleaning Sale Event!
Drop into the store for some great deals on selected items.
Zentangle Class
Fun times at the Zentangle Class. The small turnout didn't keep us from exploring our "Zen" and our creativity! Afraid your not creative? Zentangle is a great place to begin as there is not a pre-conceived outcome and there are no mistakes! Want to learn more? Call the store and we will be happy to fill you in on the details.
P.S. For those of you whom have already taken the class and /or have friends who tangle along with you, Cornerstone is looking to create a Zentangle Club! We don't have all the details finalized yet but if you are interested send me an email at This is your club so we are open to suggestions!
National Cupcake Donation Drive
Night Dive
So grateful to all the people who gave on-line donations and who came into the store for our in-store 3 day cupcake event. In all we raised $480.00 for the Kingston Humane Society. Once again we are grateful to Yukon artist, Nathalie Parenteau whom graciously donated the limited edition print, Night Dive. Congrats to Ray who won this beautiful piece!

Our amazing featured artist, Lindy Martin, of Lindy Martin Photography, generously donated a free pet photo session for our in store 3-day Cupcake event. Congratulations to Paul who won this prize (Maybe Paul will send us a photo of his pet to post after the session!)

This is an annual event at Cornerstone so keep an eye out for next years events! Remember... Animals are people too :)
Night Dive
Artsy Afternoon
Thanks to everyone who came out for the Artsy Afternoon! What a great way to spend a Wintry Sunday Afternoon!!! Having some cider and looking at fabulous pieces of art & craft... Let's do it again next year!
Mark Your Calendar....
The annual Easter Egg Hunt is set to run on Saturday April 13th! Participating stores will have an Easter Egg hidden somewhere in their store. Your job is to find it and have your ballot initialed. To be entered into the draw you must find the Easter Eggs at all 13 participating places. A family friendly event with prizes for both kids and adults! Keep your eye on Facebook and Instagram for more details. Happy Hunting!
Pretty it Up For Spring!
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