One Month Later and Still No Answers

It has been one month since 30 people were shot, among them 14 were underage, and 2 young people were killed at a Brooklyn Day mass shooting on July 2. Yet after one month, there have been no arrests of the shooters.


A 17-year-old male was arrested and charged with weapons offenses, but not charged in connection with the homicides.


How can an event that was so heavily documented on social media, and attended by so many people, including the mayor’s flagship program, Safe Streets, not produce any suspects after one month?

In addition, many residents of Brooklyn Homes, while acknowledging the resources that have poured into their community, are asking what took so long? Surely it should not take a mass shooting to get the attention of City Hall and local politicians, right?

While the mayor continues to insist that things are getting better, PEACE continues to ask questions and demand answers.


The City Council has scheduled a second hearing on the Brooklyn Day shooting for September 13 at 1 pm. PEACE will attend that meeting, and also send a list of questions to the Council beforehand. Residents deserve answers.

This organization, PEACE, was founded to hold elected officials accountable and ensure that residents stay involved. Government officials should have learned through the successful passage of Question K/Term Limits that they cannot continue to ignore residents.

PEACE will continue to demand accountability and listen to the residents of Baltimore. Please join us at our next Power Up community meeting.

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Paid for by The People for Elected Accountability and Civic Engagement. Paul Wallace, Treasurer.