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We're at the one month mark! Indie Book Store Day is Saturday, April 30 and we'll be celebrating all day and into the night! Click here for a list of the exclusive items that will be available on that day and only in independent book stores. We might have an item or two that's exclusive to Laurel Book Store too, so be sure to drop by. There are no holds, reserves, or preorders for any of the items. You have to visit a store to get them!

Stay tuned for some of the activities we're planning. As we finalize things we'll put them on the website.

This Saturday come with us to the main branch of the Oakland Library to meet two mystery authors at 2pm. Janet Dawson and Wendy Hornsby will be there to talk about mystery and read from their new books.

Put Tuesday the 5th on your calendar for a conversation between authors Lucy Jane Bledsoe and Sarah Schulman. Schulman's new novel The Cosmopolitans is set in 50's New York about a long-term friendship, loyalty, betrayal and so much more. It's terrific. Bledsoe's new book set in roughly the same time and place will release this fall.

There is always something awesome happening here. Join us won't you?

Happy Reading,

Journey to Munich by Jacqueline Winspear $26.99 Yay! The twelfth Maisie Dobbs mystery! It's early 1938, and Maisie Dobbs is back in England. On a fine yet chilly morning, as she walks towards Fitzroy Square-a place of many memories-she is intercepted by Brian Huntley and Robert MacFarlane of the Secret Service. The German government has agreed to release a British subject from prison, but only if he is handed over to a family member. Because the man's wife is bedridden and his daughter has been killed in an accident, the Secret Service wants Maisie-who bears a striking resemblance to the daughter-to retrieve the man from Dachau, on the outskirts of Munich. (limited number of signed first editions available)

This is the latest by the author of Cinderella Ate My Daughter and Schoolgirls. While the media has focused-often to sensational effect-on the rise of casual sex and the prevalence of rape on campus, inGirls and Sex Peggy Orenstein brings much more to the table. She examines the ways in which porn and all its sexual myths have seeped into young people's lives; what it means to be the "the perfect slut" and why many girls scorn virginity; the complicated terrain of hookup culture and the unfortunate realities surrounding assault. In Orenstein's hands these issues are never reduced to simplistic "truths;" rather, her powerful reporting opens up a dialogue on a potent, often silent, subtext of American life today-giving readers comprehensive and in-depth information with which to understand, and navigate, this complicated new world.
***JUST CONFIRMED*** We will host Peggy Orenstein here on Wed. June 1. Details to come soon.

Diamond Head by Cecily Wong $15.99
When Frank Leong is murdered, his family is thrown into a perilous downward spiral. Left to rebuild in their patriarch's shadow, the surviving members of the Leong family try their hand at a new, ordinary life, vowing to bury their gilded past. Still, the island continues to whisper-fragmented pieces of truth and chatter, until a letter arrives two decades later, carrying a confession that shatters the family even further.
Now the Leongs' survival rests with young Theresa, Frank Leong's only grandchild, eighteen and pregnant, the heir apparent to her ancestors' punishing knots.
Told through the eyes of the Leong's secret-keeping daughters and wives and spanning The Boxer Rebellion to Pearl Harbor to 1960s Hawaii,Diamond Head is a breathtakingly powerful tale of tragic love, shocking lies, poignant compromise, aching loss, heroic acts of sacrifice and, miraculous hope.

Younger Readers & Baseball Fans

Yes, it's baseball season! And if you are prepping the young ones, here's a great way to go all MLB on them.
The Big Book of Activities from MLB $12.99

Other suggestions for the season:

Finley Ball by Nancy Finley $27.99 
This is the story of a losing baseball team that became a 1970s dynasty, thanks to the unorthodox strategies and stunts of two very colorful men.
When Charlie Finley bought the A's in 1960, he was an outsider to the gamea insurance businessman with a larger-than-life personality. He brought his cousin Carl on as his right-hand man, moved the team from Kansas City to Oakland, and pioneered a new way to put together a winning team. With legendary players like Reggie Jackson, Catfish Hunter, and Vida Blue, the Finleys' Oakland A's won three straight World Series and riveted the nation.
Now Carl Finley's daughter Nancy reveals the whole story behind her family's winning legacy, how her father and uncle developed their scouting strategy, why they employed odd gimmicks like orange baseballs and "mustache bonuses," and how the success of the '70s Oakland A's changed the game of baseball."

Watching Baseball Smarter by Zack Hample $14.95
The Professional Fan's Guide for Beginners, Semi-experts, and Deeply Serious Geeks. You only think you know all the little details of the game! Great bits of trivia to be able to understand the game better.

Wait Till Next Year by Doris Kearns Goodwin $16.00 Set in the suburbs of New York in the 1950s, Wait Till Next Year re-creates the postwar era, when the corner store was a place to share stories and neighborhoods were equally divided between Dodger, Giant, and Yankee fans.

Hub Fans Big Kid Adieu; John Updike on Ted Williams $15 On September 28, 1960-a day that will live forever in the hearts of fans-Red Sox slugger Ted Williams stepped up to the plate for his last at-bat in Fenway Park. Seizing the occasion, he belted a solo home run- a storybook ending to a storied career. In the stands that afternoon was 28-year-old John Updike, inspired by the moment to make his lone venture into the field of sports reporting. More than just a matchless account of that fabled final game, Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu is a brilliant evocation of Williams' competitive spirit, an intensity of dedication that still "crowds the throat with joy."

It's What's Inside the Lines That Counts; Baseball Stars of the 1970's and 1980's Talk About the Game They Loved by Fay Vincent $15  Willie McCovey remembers meeting the Giants' other Willie and the powerful impact that Willie Mays had on him. He expresses pride that the Giants chose to honor him at their ballpark with McCovey Cove. Teammate Juan Marichal, one of baseball's Latino pioneers, recalls encountering racism for the first time in America. He recounts fortuitously overhearing a conversation among Latino ballplayers before a Giants-Pirates game that provided him with crucial information about Roberto Clemente.  (2 copies left in the store, then the publisher is out of stock indefinitely.) 

Summerland by Michael Chabon $16.99  New edition available 4/12.
From the Pulitzer Prize winning Michael Chabon comes this bestselling novel for readers of all ages that blends fantasy and folklore with that most American coming-of-age ritual: baseball-now in a new edition, with an original introduction by the author.
Ethan Feld is having a terrible summer: his father has moved them to Clam Island, Washington, where Ethan has quickly established himself as the least gifted baseball player the island has ever seen. Ethan's luck begins to change, however, when a mysterious baseball scout named Ringfinger Brown and a seven-hundred-and-sixty-five-year-old werefox enter his life, dragging Ethan into another world called the Summerlands. But this beautiful, winter-less place is facing destruction at the hands of the villainous Coyote, and it has been prophesized that only Ethan can save it.  

Book Club  
 To join, read the book and show up. We would love to have you with us. 

The next book in the club is The Argonauts by Maggie Nelson and the Discussion is April 19.

An intrepid voyage out to the frontiers of the latest thinking about love, language, and family
Maggie Nelson's "The Argonauts "is a genre-bending memoir, a work of "autotheory" offering fresh, fierce, and timely thinking about desire, identity, and the limitations and possibilities of love and language. At its center is a romance: the story of the author's relationship with the artist Harry Dodge. This story, which includes Nelson's account of falling in love with Dodge, who is fluidly gendered, as well as her journey to and through a pregnancy, offers a firsthand account of the complexities and joys of (queer) family-making.
Writing in the spirit of public intellectuals such as Susan Sontag and Roland Barthes, Nelson binds her personal experience to a rigorous exploration of what iconic theorists have said about sexuality, gender, and the vexed institutions of marriage and child-rearing. Nelson's insistence on radical individual freedom and the value of caretaking becomes the rallying cry of this thoughtful, unabashed, uncompromising book.

Are you a Mama who Writes?
Would you appreciate even just a little dedicated time to do it?
We're going to have a Mama's Writing Retreat each
Tuesday morning in April.
Click here for more information and to sign up!

Art at Laurel Bookstore  
Come and paint with us at the Laurel Bookstore
Saturday afternoons 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Join us to meet authors in person.

Saturday, April 2 at 2pm 
Mystery authors Janet Dawson and Wendy Hornsbyat the Oakland Main Library

Tuesday, April 5 @ 7pm
Sarah Schulman,
author of the soon to be released
The Cosmopolitans
in conversation with
Lucy Jane Bledsoe

Wednesday, April 6 10-4
Earth Expo on Ogawa Plaza

  Tuesday, April 12 @ 6pm
Meet three attorneys who will outline the importance of several of the documents that will help protect your family.
Prenups, adoptions, living trusts, wills, and more!
If you don't have your affairs in order, here's a chance to get some questions answered.

April 21
Bryan Schwartz, Scattered Among the Nations

April 22
Reverend Billy, The Earth Wants You

April 24
Launch Party for Mike Jung's new book
Unidentified Suburban Object

April 28
Anne K. Ross, Beyond Rainman

April 30
Independent Book Store Day!

Check the website for more events! 
April's Featured Artist
Nancy Record
First Friday reception on April 1 from 6-9pm 

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