Volume 34 | May 24, 2020
Upper School News
Dear Upper School Families,

Hard to believe we only have one week of classes remaining! Naturally we are very busy preparing for all the events that will wrap up this very strange school year. Here are the highlights once again, for your convenience:

Friday, May 29th (last day of instruction for all)

Monday, June 1, 12pm- US Awards Ceremony - To attend, you must register. Please be on the lookout for the link to do so, coming soon!

Tuesday June 2, 3pm, Graduation Rehearsal 

Thursday June 4, 5pm, 12th grade Commencement!!! To attend the Zoom celebration, you must register. Please be on the lookout for the link to do so, coming soon!

Please do read on for important information and reminders!
Friday, June 5th- Wrap Up Day 

Here is the link for locker clean-out, etc:

Please be advised:
  • If you are only coming to pick-up your Yearbook and do not plan on entering the building, please simply drive by the gym doors between 10am-3pm. Yearbooks will be available for contact-less pick up at the Gym Doors. Please enter at the Grove Street entrance and drop by the gym doors for pick up, even if you are coming into the building. 
  • You do not need to sign-up for a slot unless you need to get items from your locker, pick up awards, or drop off items. However, if you do need to enter the building, you MUST sign up for a slot. 

Published Author! - Let's Congratulate Amrina Ahmed!
I am attaching an article written by Amrina that got published in an internationally renowned newspaper. We are so very proud of her!

Amazing Work in World Literature
As part of final revisions to their research projects, students created Spark Pages. They can hyperlink to these in portfolios and resumes and LinkedIn profiles as a way to show colleges examples of their writing and scholarship.

Here is Toran Ham's impressive project on impacts of climate change:  https://spark.adobe.com/page/Bx929KJSjPrNz/

Weekly Upper School Lunch - Last one this Thursday at 12:30pm
Upper School students-this is a chance for you to simply socialize and enjoy some time together. The link has been shared with all of you. Come and join the fun!

Website for Remote Learning:

Coronavirus Response Page:

Yours Truly,
Stefanie Rivera
Upper School Division Head

Adam Levin - 11th Grade- More amazing work in World Literature!

Some amazing work in AP Bio!
Free Digital Access to The New York Times for all U.S. High School Students
With so many high school students learning from home, it’s critical they have access to reliable news sources. Verizon and The New York Times are giving students and teachers in every high school in America free digital access to Times journalism as well as invaluable education resources from The Times's Learning Network to help aid remote learning. Go to  nytimes.com/highschoolaccess  now to register.

If you have any questions or problems with your re-enrollment packet, please be sure to reach out to  Tanise Robnett (trobnett@roycemoreschool.org).

"Roycemore Family" Page
Chief Griffinity Officer and Early Childhood staff member  Justin Bailey , is continuing his work! This is another way for students and families to stay connected and continue to share our school spirit. Share your shelter in place experiences with us: https://roycemoreschool.org/family/

Skype with a Scientist!
Do you want to chat with a scientist over video chat from your living room?  Skype a Scientist  will match you with a scientist for free! These sessions are Q & A conversations, so you and your kids can talk with a scientist about what makes YOU curious. There are lots of different scientists to choose from!