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My one-page recipe for INDEPENDENCE
from a grossly unsustainable lifestyle that's killing our ecosystem 
"Big Picture" of Food
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The two books below do a great job of describing our horrifying dilemma.

As for the solution---we are certain it will be impossible without changing what we eat.
Planetary Emergency

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I know personally most of the authors listed in this column and I have met the others.
---J. Morris Hicks

For the 4th of July, I prepared a one-page handout that tells my entire story about the unprecedented sustainability issues the world is facing along with a plan-of-action for what must be done.

As a "big picture" guy myself, I have always felt that one should never need more than one page to describe a problem and/or a plan of action for addressing that problem. I figure if it takes more than one page, most people will have trouble comprehending or remembering. I came up with a name for my 4th of July one-pager:

My one-page recipe for INDEPENDENCE from a grossly unsustainable lifestyle. It begins with a succinct description of the problem, the urgency, some background, the solution and getting started. Click the above link for your own printer-friendly copy of this latest work.

My search for "one powerful leader and a few caring billionaires" will continue until I am convinced that there is a more viable path to preventing the collapse of our civilization before the end of this century. Click here for my blog on this topic. 

People ask me why brilliant and wealthy individuals like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett would not understand and support the plan outlined in my one-pager above? I came up with a list of ten possible reasons, five of which are listed here:
  1. Validity? They will assume that "my plan" can't be valid because the large environmental groups (that they trust) never mention the role of our food choices in climate change, water scarcity, soil erosion or deforestation.
  2. More Validity? They will wonder how valid it could be if NONE of the prominent schools of nutrition or schools of medicine in the world are endorsing it.
  3. Conviction? They have no personal conviction or resolve to do whatever it takes to save our civilization.
  4. Their image. Since the implementation of my plan would not be popular at first, they would no longer be revered as the great, wonderful and highly admired people they think they are now.
  5. Embarrassment. They would have a great deal of difficulty admitting that they were wrong about the most basic thing in life all these years---Eating the Wrong Food.
For my complete blog on this topic, click here. 

For your summer dining enjoyment of delicious food that's not only great for your health, but also great for the environment, click here for the latest delectable recipe from Lisa's 4Leaf Kitchen.

Finally, if you live near Louisville, here's your chance to appear in a movie this Saturday night. You'll also be able to meet and mingle with Dr. T. Colin Campbell and his son Nelson, the director of the documentary. Click here for more information.

Sincerely, J. Morris (Jim) Hicks