Margaret Macleod ~ Independent Fundraising Consultant ~ October 2018
Don't Bury the Ask
…in your year-end appeal. Put it front and center. If there’s only one thing your prospect reads, it's the call to action. You have only a moment to get their attention, once the envelope is ripped open, before it gets sorted into the save or dump piles….
According to DMA’s (the Direct Marketing Association) 2018 Statistical Fact Book, we have 8 seconds to hold the attention of our prospects. 

And, since the brain can more easily process visuals than content, that means bold graphics are your best bet to capture that attention in that little 8-second window.

Once you’ve captured your prospect's attention, and your appeal makes it over that first hurdle, the rest of the messaging can enumerate the wonders your organization has delivered in the past.

Then you can make your case by deploying elements like easy-to-read bullet points, lists of numbers (500 dogs adopted; 25 kennels available; 2 protein-rich meals a day) or a side bar with a heart-wrenching testimonial.
The Nugget
Don’t lead off "making the case." Call your prospect to action first, in this most important mailing of the year, so the message does not get lost.

Powerful Strategies to
Advance Your Cause

  • Build an actionable development plan
  • Design & strategize campaigns
  • Write a winning grant proposal
  • Plan or manage your event
  • Rally your board & staff
  • Coach your committee
  • And more

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