A Note from Scott and Marsha
January 14, 2021
I swear we are all going to blink and it's going to be March before we know it. The pre-orders for all things spring and green are flying out to our vendors and starting to arrive already. We are thankful for a lift in the weather. There just isn't anything fun for an outdoor business when it is cold and wet. But hey, let's all be grateful we bypassed the snow last weekend and the Triangle stayed open!  

After the experiences of 2020, I think everyone is pretty worn out. Hence, this little guy. We had such a year here that it required not just one new puppy, but two. I know, I KNOW. The FGS Team (cough, cough) needed a third therapist and I had to give in being the generous person that I am. Meet Truman, aka Edison's assistant. Chip has assumed more of a senior role in the company and fills in as needed since he is retiring, but still on retainer. :)  

Truth of the matter is I'm having a midlife crisis. I decided puppies would be a safe choice. They provide lots of love, affection, loyalty and are really good listeners. Seriously. Who else is gonna lay in your lap, gaze into your eyes with complete love and hang on every word you say? My point exactly.  

The most fun is watching him and Edison play nightly having their own wrestling match and zoomies all over the house. It really is endearing. The sweetness of this helps me overlook the potty training trials.  

When Truman escapes my office, I always find him on Viridian's lap for some reason. And Edison notifies me all the time when someone is approaching the house. Therapy and security wrapped up in "fur" helped us navigate 2020, and I think I 2021, too.  

So when you need therapy, love, listeners and something green, we have you covered in so many ways. This is why we do what we do!  
Garden Center Features
Spath, also known as Peace Lilies, are excellent houseplants for beginners. They are so forgiving when it comes to watering (they let you know they're thirsty when the leaves get droopy and scream "I need water!"...okay, that last part isn't true. But the leaves do get droopy.) Our favorite feature--they are excellent at removing toxins from the air!
BONSAI! Does anyone else think "Karate Kid" when they read that? If you are interested in a Bonsai tree, we have some that are planted for you (like in the picture), or you can purchase a pot, plant, soil and plant your own. We have Juniper, Boxwood, and Podacarpus varieties to choose from.
If you need a shrub for part-shade or sun with winter color, we suggest this beauty. If you are wondering, it is pronounced lew-koe-toe-wee. Although the name is unusual, this evergreen, low-growing shrub will not be. The glossy green leaves darken to a gorgeous red in winter. You'll enjoy delicate white flowers in the spring.
Are you dreaming of an amazing patio and fire pit for outdoor entertaining? Our landscape design and installation team can make that happen for you! If you are interested in landscape design, please submit a Consultation Request and our team will be in touch very soon!
Our spring schedule will fill up fast, so don't wait!
Happy, Healthy Houseplants – Level 1
Do you want to add houseplants to your indoor living space and don’t know where to start? Have you purchased a houseplant and you are not sure if you are giving it the care it needs? Let us show you how to have Happy, Healthy Houseplants in your home. We will discuss light, water, and benefits of growing indoors. We will also address pet and child concerns that help you make good choices. Space is limited--only 9 spots available per class--since this class will be held indoors. So don't delay! Click the day and time above to register. You will be taking home a spray bottle and cleaning cloth!
Class Fee: $10
La Farm Bakery will be onsite 3:30pm-5pm, so make sure you swing by for some delicious baked goods.

Happy, Healthy Houseplants – Level 2
So your houseplants are doing well and you are ready to take your new hobby (or obsession) to the next level! This class will address both the environmental and cultural needs of houseplants. Horticultural practices will be discussed so you can better choose plants to fit your lifestyle. We will also review potting options and how to spot and fix common problems. Be sure to bring your questions and concerns! Space is limited--only 9 spots available per class--since this class will be held indoors. So don't delay! Click the day and time above to register.
Class fee: $10
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