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As the above title of my first book implies; never has there been a greater win-win for our health and our future than there is with regards to our food choices in the 21st century. 

To make the RIGHT kind of food choices (for you and our planet) even more appealing, we offer you:





In a nutshell, That's It!  For lunch and dinner, make sure that about 2/3 of your plate is filled with non-starchy veggies like broccoli, kale, Brussels sprouts, green beans, spinach, etc. 

The other 1/3 of the plate can be filled with starchy foods like legumes, potatoes, brown rice, corn, and squash. Here is a printer-friendly helpful chart for your refrigerator. 
*The above chart was created for vegetarians who've had trouble losing weight; hence, it has no meat, eggs, fish on it.

Your meals should look something like this,
with more veggies and less rice.

For breakfast,  my rule is 2/3 of the bowl is fresh fruit and the remaining 1/3 is whole rolled oats, soaked in a mixture of cold water and almond milk.

Both of the above meals are what I call 4Leaf plates, deriving at least 80% of their calories from whole plants, still in nature's package.

Calories per pound. The chart mentioned above recommends foods containing an average of 100 to 300 calories per pound. The typical American eats foods that average closer to 1500 calories per pound. 

The "secret" here is that you can load up on the health-promoting foods, never feel hungry AND lose weight all at the same time. Give this new way of eating 4 weeks and you'll never want to eat animal foods again.

Want to lose weight effortlessly  and permanently, just follow the "2/3" rule AND tweak all of your routine meals so that they score at the 4Leaf level. Oh, and make sure you take some "before" pictures now.

Just for giggles, here is another 
example of a 4Leaf Plate

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