Welcome to the Fall Season, Riverbats

Hello Everyone! 

As we approach the holiday season and semester break, we're also moving closer to the implementation of Workday Student. We wish you a fantastic November and encourage you to share your feedback and questions here. We're thrilled to interact with you as we progress through this extensive and impactful project.

In this edition, we aim to provide context and emphasize essential terms used throughout the Workday Student Modernization Project. Included below are the "Five Ws" of the project, a useful tip for our existing Workday system, and the Crosswalk Term of the Month.

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Because you’re a part of Instruction/Academic Affairs at ACC, you’re receiving this newsletter to learn more about the Workday SIS implementation, which will affect your daily work in the future.

Save the Date

December 13, 2023 - 9:30-11am

HLC2 Black Box Theater (2.533)

This event marks the first of many gatherings dedicated to discussing the project and addressing questions directly. 

While our primary focus will be on engaging with Instructional Administrators and Program Specialists (acknowledging the upcoming grade submissions), we extend an open invitation to anyone interested in the Workday Student project at this stage. Keep an eye out for the upcoming calendar invite!

*Food and Drinks will be provided*

The 5 Ws of Workday Student

+ Project Terminology and Workday Jargon


Instruction & Student Affairs Project Teams: Two groups, each consisting of process analysts, trainers, and ACC leaders. These teams have specific assignments related to implementing Workday Student.

The division is based on the nature of Workday Student, which involves aspects directed towards students and curriculum. To address this, we've organized the teams into two distinct categories: Student Affairs and Instruction/Academic Affairs. The team referred to as "Us" falls under Instruction/Academic Affairs.

Process Analysts/Trainers: Our team comprises eight members (seven analysts and one lead), including current faculty and staff from Instruction. We were carefully selected for this project. 

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs): These are individuals familiar with ACC's current processes and capable of providing valuable insights for project implementation. SMEs are an integral part of the overall success of this deployment, as they supply our teams and consultants with the multi-faceted pieces that tie everything together. Shout out to Georgia Branch, Connie Wall, Cynthia La and many, many more for their assistance.

Stakeholders include everyone involved or affected by the project, which means YOU are also a stakeholder.

Workday Consultants: This dedicated team from Workday Student is responsible for guiding us through this process. Comprising 15-25 Workday employees, they regularly meet with us, both virtually and in person, to facilitate the implementation of this modernization project.


Student Information System (SIS): Forms the backbone of our operations at ACC. It facilitates the integration of various business processes across Austin Community College and collaborates with other campus software solutions to ensure effective data management and campus services.

These services include academic scheduling, program enrollment, transfer procedures, course registration, student advising, state reporting, student financial aid, and the admission process, among others.

Colleague: Our current Student Information System, also known as Ellucian or Datatel, will be replaced by Workday Student (SYW), which stands for "Student Your Way." 

Workday Student (SYW): “Student Your Way” will be the second implementation of Workday. This version of Workday serves both students and employees. It acts as a central hub for student, course, and faculty information, as well as college communication. Additionally, it supports student records and registration processes.

The First Implementation:

Workday Platform (HCM): "Human Capital Management" - The Human Resources and Financial branches of ACC. This Workday implementation was launched in Fall 2021.


Fall 2025

Spring 2023 - Summer 2023: Planning and Discovery

Fall 2023 - Summer 2024: Architecture and Configuration - (WE ARE HERE)

Fall 2024 - Fall 2025: Multiple rounds of Testing and Deployment to ensure readiness for launch. This phase will also serve as our Training stage, to ensure all employees and students are prepared for the full transition to Workday Student (SYW) in the Fall of 2025.


Austin Community College: All Campuses. All Departments & Programs.

The business processes (BP) or tasks and reporting currently performed in Colleague will be either transferred, combined, integrated, or excluded in the transition to Workday Student (SYW). You'll be able to get things done more efficiently.


The Workday Student Modernization project is driven by several key reasons:

1. ACC has relied on the same Student Information System (Colleague) for over 25 years, during which technology and educational methods have evolved rapidly.

2. Modernizing our SIS is crucial for efficiently serving and sustaining a diverse and widely dispersed community that relies on advanced technology.

3. Currently, we operate multiple systems that do not effectively communicate or integrate with each other.

4. Many of our critical processes, which impact students, faculty, and staff, have not been evaluated or updated recently. In some cases, these processes and their associated training may be unclear, inconsistent, or known by only a few individuals across the college.

We anticipate that Workday Student will position us at the forefront of current and future standards for accessible education in Central Texas. Our objective is to effectively prepare and support ACC students, faculty, and staff as we continue to expand our impact on the educational and professional foundation of this community.

Stay tuned for details on how ACC is approaching this project, along with additional information about the modernization process, in our December edition.

Tip of the Month

**This section provides valuable tips based on our team's experience in SIS training. The following feature is currently available on our Workday employee site.

 TIP: "Related Action" Icon

Many of us may recognize this symbol as the "Twinkie" or the "Three-Dot symbol."

By clicking on the "Related Action" icon, you can take additional steps in a business process or task, or access more detailed information related to a specific need. 

This feature can be used to edit requisitions, gather more details about an employee, or delve deeper into any other process where the icon is present.

Give it a try when you have a moment!

Crosswalk Term the Month

Contact Us

If you have questions about the instruction component of Workday SIS, inquiries concerning faculty engagement, or have training suggestions, please contact [email protected].

Please note that this newsletter is for Instructional faculty and staff only. For feedback, requests, or other information for Student Affairs employee training, please contact [email protected].