Helping Hands
We are excited to welcome our new Family and Community Coordinator, Maria Jensen!
Maria is a life-long educator, with a passion for developing literacy in all ages. She believes deeply in the power of narrative to transform and heal and has used this conviction as a cornerstone for all she does. She has spent her career in the education and human services fields, with a special interest in working with children who have experienced trauma and other at-risk populations.

Whether facilitating reading interventions with parents and their kids or helping youth in foster care successfully transition into independent living, she has always looked for unique ways to inspire people to put learning in their own hands. She is looking forward to bringing that creativity and care to the family programs at Saranam.
“I sensed that Saranam had a unique approach that would address the root causes of the challenges (their clients) have dealt with. I have been pleased to see the genuine teamwork and honesty everyone brings to the mission. I’m looking forward to working closely with our volunteers to bring life skills, literacy and parenting lessons to the table and celebrate families' successes and accomplishments.”
She recently moved from Silver City, where she was an adjunct professor of English Composition at WNMU, and is excited to explore the plethora of bookstores and cultural experiences that Albuquerque has to offer. When not reading or writing herself, she loves to jog, craft and garden. 

Welcome to the team, Maria!
Forget summer- it's decorating season! HGTV can't hold a candle to what our decorators cook up every year for our new families.

Curious about the what our annual decorating process is all about? Here's how it works:

Starting this month, groups from around the city start to make blueprints for an apartment that will make a family feel welcome.

In July, groups will start sorting and moving items at our warehouse, assembling furniture and "shopping" at our decorator store for housewares, decorations and more. They use these items to transform the rooms of each apartment into gorgeous homes.

After new families are selected, groups fill fridges and make last-minute changes so the place meets the specific needs of the people moving in.

The result? An apartment that puts our nervous, excited families at ease and shows them the kind of support they will receive for the next two years.

"This space was created for their success in the program. We believe they can end their poverty and homelessness; we hope they feel loved, valued and encouraged as they work towards a new life."
- 2020 decorator

We think you'll agree when you see their work last year!
The Power of Potential
Grateful for Community Support
We extend our thanks to the foundations and businesses who gave grants this spring to support our work. We're so grateful they care so deeply about the people in the community and invest time, resources and knowledge into their potential.

Head over to our website to read how gifts like theirs help build a thriving community- one family at a time.
Filling our Empty Nest
The Time is NOW!
Applications are now open until July 23!

Wonder what makes someone a good candidate? Curious about the process? For answers to frequently asked questions, application materials and instructions, please visit our website.

We are looking forward to welcoming new faces and helping them start their journey from homelessness to self-sufficiency.

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In case you missed it, here's what happened this month...
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We're always happy to have new community members. 
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