One Stop Painting Monthly Newsletter
February 2016

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2016. We have an exciting year planned as it is our 30th anniversary in business! We couldn't be happier and we owe it all to you. To help thank all of our customers we are having a huge contest this year with tons of giveaways and prizes. Throughout the year we will also be telling our story from when it all began, where we've been and spotlighting just some of the fantastic people who make One Stop Painting what it is today. So enjoy and be sure to read the newsletter in the coming months for more contest details and giveaways that you don't want to miss!

beganHow We Began

1986 - 2015
30 years have gone by so fast. It's amazing to think back to that first year! I had worked but a few months for another company, and I enjoyed it so much, I wasted no time in going off on my own. From my early 20-something year old eyes, no college education, and no business background, I simply thought if the man I was working for  could paint houses, why
couldn't I? Fast forward to my  $100 pickup truck, a line ad in the newspaper, two ladders borrowed from Mom, and off I went! This picture shows my friends Ron and Mark brushing a coat of blue Sherwin Williams industrial paint to the rusty old green Ford  truck. I was so proud!
30 Years later, my eyes still feel young, but they have seen so much! Companies have come and gone, oil coatings gave way to latex technology, and wood is now being replaced with far superior PVC products. My job went from painting from sunrise to often past sundown, to doing estimates, marketing, and all other aspects of running a successful business (including so much charity work that we finally started the " Jeff Cohen Charitable Foundation" last year, and I am now also running a 501c3 nonprofit to give back to our communities that trusted and hired me for the past 30 years). I am fortunate to have incredible people working here. Many of my original hires are still here in management roles--our office manager Cherrie has been here for over 15 years (I have known her over 30 years)!

My  newest truck pictured here is a 2014 GMC 4-wheel drive so I c an get to estimates no matter the weather! *(I have come a long way from brushing my 1st truck with a big hole in the floor that soaked me when it rained).  In fact, my entire fleet is all GMC--since we were lucky enough to be hired to paint Marty's GMC in 1994, I have been purchasing GMC's from that day on!


Since it's our 30th birthday, we want to give you the presents!

We plan on running contests and giveaways throughout the year, which you will need to follow our newsletters to enter. Starting in mid-March and running through early December, there will be 10 newsletters coming out. In each newsletter will be a link that will automatically enter you, after the 10th time, into ourgrand prize drawing which will have a value of over $5000 worth of work to your home! Throughout the year we will be giving away smaller services and various prizes, and we're looking forward to a very fun year. You're more than welcome to share this with your friends and family, so they may enter into the monthly drawings along the way!

Love, Respect, Community

What is  Quan In the movie Jerry Maguire, it is referred to as "love,  respect, community" ... While it can be interpreted in many ways, my understanding of Quan is somebody who would go forth to promote good will, improve relationships, and show gratitude and respect!

Now meet Scott Fry. I have known Scott for almost 40 years now, and he's worked for me for over 20 years. Scott worked his way up to be a foreman over the years. 

Moving into my 30th year in business, Scott's new position is my  Ambassador of Quan.  His role will be one of many options: it could be for emergency service, quick jobs that cannot wait, or to revisit jobs of the past few years and make sure our clients do not need any additional work. He may pick up a job sign, but his role is to show our clients some Quan! 

Jeff Cohen  

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