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Mishloach Manot
This year all Mishloach Manot must be picked up at the Shul. If you have not scheduled a time to pick up Mishloach Manot, come to Rubin Hall tonight, Purim night, March 6 before or after Megillah reading to pick up
your Israeli Shuk-themed Mishloach Manot. 

For those of you who will be away over Purim, we will hold your Mishloach Manot in the office for pick-up until March 24th, after this point your Mishloach Manot will be donated to the Fire or Police Department.

Thank you for helping us to spread the joy of Purim to our Beth Jacob Family!
Taanit Esther & Purim Schedule
Monday, March 6 - Taanit Esther - Purim
Fast Begins 5:02 am
Shacharit 5:45 am - Schoenfeld Beit Midrash
Shacharit 6:30 am - Eisenstat Beit Midrash
Shacharit 7:30 am - Eisenstat Beit Midrash

Mincha 5:30 pm
Maariv 6:30 pm
Megillah in Shapell Sanctuary & Eisenstat Beit Midrash 6:40 pm
Late Megillah 9:30pm

One Nautical Purim Carnival in Jacob's Garden will open after the conclusion of the Shapell Sanctuary Megillah reading at approximately 7:30pm

Tuesday, March 7 - Purim
Shacharit with Megillah 6:00 am - Shapell Sanctuary
Shacharit with Megillah 6:45 am - Eisenstat Beit Midrash
Shacharit with Megillah 7:30 am - Shapell Sanctuary
Megillah 9:00 am - Shapell Sanctuary

Early Mincha 2:00 pm
Mincha/Maariv 5:40 pm
Matanot Levyonim - Letter from the Rabbi
Dear Member,
One of the most important elements of any Jewish holiday is remembering the less fortunate and providing for their needs (Rambam Yom Tov 6:18). Giving tzedaka has increased significance on Purim since our salvation was clinched when we unified in prayer and battle. Esther and Mordechai established the mitzvah of Matanot L’evyonim- giving gifts to the poor- to highlight this theme of unity and responsibility. Rambam recommends that the amount one spends on Matanot L'evyonim should exceed that of Mishloach Manot.
The Mitzvah is fulfilled by giving tzedakah to two poor people on Purim day. Alternatively, you can fulfill the mitzvah by designating me (anytime between now and Purim) as your agent to distribute monies on Purim. I work together with organizations in LA and Israel to distribute thousands of dollars on Purim. 100 cents on the dollar goes to the needy. 
Please click here to make your contribution and fulfill this impactful mitzvah. Your gift will be distributed on Purim to those in need who so greatly appreciate your crucial support. 
Thank you and Purim sameach, 
Rabbi Topp
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