Department of Energy says Natural Gas Continues
to be the Most Affordable Residential Energy
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has forecasted the average costs of five residential energy resources for 2021, finding natural gas to be approximately one-third as expensive for consumers compared to electricity, and half as expensive for consumers compared to heating oil, propane, and kerosene. 

In the same forecast, the DOE estimated national average cost of electricity remains 3.6 times more than the cost of natural gas.
That is why Affordable Energy for New Jersey has said that any energy plan moving forward must include natural gas to help meet the demand and keep prices for businesses and families as affordable as possible.
ICYMI - NJ Senator Testa: Murphy’s
Energy Master Plan is a Disaster Plan
Reacting to the report released by Affordable Energy For New Jersey last week regarding the costs of the New Jersey Energy Master Plan coming in at $525 billion, NJ State Senator Michael Testa offered the following response:

“This folly will syphon more than $52,000 from the pockets of every man, woman and child in the State. That is unsustainable anywhere, but in one of the nation’s most costly states to live in, with some of the highest taxes, it is an abomination,” Testa noted.“This is not a ‘master plan’ but a disaster plan for New Jersey’s families, who are already stressed to the limit.” 

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