August 12, 2016
Vol. 2, Issue 9
Dear Lakeside Community,


     Free on Saturday? Click HERE to sign up to support our Campus Beautification Day. 

     Teacher assignments for the 1/2 and 2/3 combination classes will be shared on Monday afternoon with parents in the 2nd grade class. All other students are assigned as follows:
TK/K - Mrs Wingfield
          1st/2nd - Ms Orcutt 
                         2nd/3rd - Ms Williams
                                      4th - Mrs Schmidt
                                                            5th - Ms Nelson

     If your child cannot attend the first two days of school, please let us know so. Your involvement in your child’s education is critical. Showing your child that you value their effort in school is as simple as reading with them, providing a quiet place to complete homework, getting them to school on time, and asking them about their day. There are also MANY opportunities to volunteer at school with our PTA and Foundation, from hot lunch to classroom assistance to helping manage events and more. If you are interested, please contact our PTA and Foundation leaders.

Drop Off and Pick Up  -    The circle driveway is for pickup and drop off. As you pull onto campus, please drive carefully and ONLY park in marked parking spaces. Please do not leave your car parked along the curb. Your help is appreciated in keeping all students safe.

Supervision Before School  -    Our staff begins supervision at 8 am. If your child is here before 8 am, they need to be closely supervised by you. Our goal is to keep students safe and if they arrive early or are playing unsupervised, we can’t maintain the secure and safe environment that all of our children need.

Supervision After School  -   School ends at 2:40 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and at 1:15 on Wednesday. We need to have students picked up promptly! Our staff is on yard duty for the first 10 minutes after school ends, and then if you stay with your child, s/he will be supervised by you. Students not picked up on time  or under direct parent supervision, will be brought to the office and we’ll go down the emergency forms to make calls. As the last school year ended, we noticed more and more children not picked up on time or not supervised when they were playing. Again, we need your help to keep all of our children safe.

Clubhouse is available for after school care. For more information, please contact Los Gatos Recreation Department.

Attendance  -      We want your child here at school every day, on time, to maximize learning and social interactions. Of course, we don’t want them at school if they are sick, as we know how easily and quickly a nasty bug can make its way through a class (and our staff).

As last year progressed, it also became clear that we had clear attendance policies that were not enforced for much of the year. At the June board meeting, the board approved changes in the way we notify parents. We’ve updated the “Parent Information” section on our website under “Attendance Policy.”   Most notable will be our contacts and outreach to parents whose children are tardy, truant tardy (late more than 30 minutes), or truant from school (unexcused absences). Please assist our office staff in calling if your child will be late or absent. 

Supply Lists  -    We sent supply lists to all of you and are hopeful that you can assist with all of the items on your child’s list for his/her specific grade level. The lists are also on the website below the calendar on the right side or HERE. Feel free to bring the items during the first week of school so we have time to get the items stored away. 

Back to School Night   -    Our Back to School Night will be held on Wednesday, August 24th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm. This is an adult only event so please make arrangements for childcare. Clubhouse will again provide supervision and the information is in your Back to School packet. 

     I remember, as a child, that excitement for a new school year to begin. I can't think of a time when I had a good night of sleep. As an educator, that hasn't changed! It's always been a late night putting on the finishing touches the night before as a teacher, and as an administrator, it's always been supporting others at the last minute. I don't expect this year to be any different. As my own daughters start middle school (the day before we start), I experience that same excitement, optimism, and love for a new start in a new year just as much as Kennedy and Landry. Here's too a great 2016, Lakeside!


Dr. Lisa Gonzales
Interim Superintendent & Lead Learner

                    Morning Clubhouse Cancellation

We received a phone call from the Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation Department on Thursday afternoon. We are very sorry to report that they informed us that due to low enrollment and vacancies in staffing, they are canceling the Morning Clubhouse programs for Lakeside.

Currently, there is only one student enrolled for the porgram.  In order for the program to be reinstalled, two things need to happen. First enrollment must be a minimum of 12 students and, second, the recreation department needs to hire additional staff.

If you are interested in this program and have not yet registered, we encourage you to register at once. If you may be interested in a position with the recreation Department or  know someone who may be interest here is the link to their posting

Please understand that this decision was not the District's to make.  We did not have even have an opportunity to weigh in.  Please address your concerns regarding this cancellation to the Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation Department. 

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