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November 2013
Spring 2014 OWOW Water Studies Core Courses
GEG 1910 Water Essentials
CRN 34241
M/W 8-9:15am
Instructor: Davinroy
SPE 3200 Water Conflict
CRN 34643
M/W 9:30-10:45am
Instructor: Cooper
Special water elective:
JRN 390S Reporting on Water Policy
M/W 11am-12:15pm
Instructor: Jennifer 
Riley-Chetwyn, Director of Marketing and PR at the Denver Botanic Gardens!

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Sinkholes, Students, and Santa Rosa
By: Nona Shipman


"Whatever happened to Santa Rosa, New Mexico?" In 100 years, questioning the existence of an entire town in New Mexico may not be that shocking.  New Mexico, like Colorado, struggles with drought and water supply. So how is it that the small town of Santa Rosa is so "water rich" it is almost drowning? In October 2013, I was fortunate enough to be invited on an MSU Denver school trip to New Mexico with students searching for unique water stories to tell- what we found was Santa Rosa.


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OWOW Highlight of the Month: Kenn Bisio

Kenn Bisio, Associate Professor of Photojournalism and Social Documentary at the Metropolitan State University of Denver, first began his love with photography and water at the age of 16 when he took a photography course with Ansel Adams in Yosemite Valley. Since then he has spring boarded from one adventure to the next: Associated Press San Francisco, the Denver Post, Time Magazine, and National Geographic. Recently at MSU Denver, he has started a two year project on the visual study of water. He plans to follow the rivers that run out of Colorado to their end destinations. In January 2014 Kenn will be delivering a paper on "Instagram vs Photojournalism" with fellow Journalism and Technical Communication professor, Dr. Shaun Schafer. Although he loves teaching, Kenn never quits on his first passion, photography. He will have an exhibit at the Geraint Smith Gallery in Taos, NM in Spring 2014 and another at the Deborah Gold Studio in Santa Fe, NM. 

Colorado and Australia have faced similar struggles such as wild fires, drought, and clean water. Join the OWOW Center, the City of Boulder, and Savewater! on December 4 to learn how Australia has dealt with these issues and what we can learn from their experiences. 

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