June 2019
Girls Trip 2020: BELIZE
The ladies of One World Dive & Travel will be traveling to Ambergris Caye, Belize in 2020! Belize boasts gorgeous beaches, warm Caribbean water, and the charming town of San Pedro. We cannot think of a better place for this year’s Girls Trip getaway!

At 186 miles, Belize is blessed with the World’s 2nd Largest Barrier Reef and three of the four living atolls in the Western Hemisphere. Divers hope to encounter turtles, eagle rays & nurse sharks at sites such as Lighthouse Reef, Hol Chan Marine Reserve & Shark Ray Alley. Plus you'll have a fun filled week with Michelle and Kim!

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The wait for the much anticipated D5 Computer is over! It’s here in the shop, and we already love it. The small size, technicolor display, and easy to read screen make diving simple, convenient and stylish.
We've had the chance to take it for some test dives, and here’s why we already love it, and think you will too:
You can wear it like a watch
The smaller size makes it an ideal wearable for daily life.

It's very easy to use
The configuration of the buttons is the same as the EON Core and EON Steel, and is incredibly easy to use (and remember how to use!).

Wireless mobile connectivity
Sync and log your dives directly to your smartphone or Bluetooth enabled device.

Digital compass
The brightly colored compass is built in, eliminating the need to carry a separate compass.

Rechargeable battery
Plug it in each night just like your cell phone and it's ready for diving!

Updateable software
As the D5 system is improved, you can simply update through the SUUNTO software.
Stop by the shop to check it out and learn more about the coolest new gadget of 2019!
Where to go Next: Bonaire
Bonaire is known as “the shore diving mecca” of the world! If you’re looking for an easy DIY adventure in tropical paradise, this is the destination you’ve been reading about.
Here are some of our favorite things about Bonaire:
  • Lush reefs full of color… the water is clear, the marine life is plentiful.

  • Did we mention shore diving?... you can drive along, park at a beach and walk out to go diving. It’s simple and easy and fun.

  • World’s Oldest Marine Park Reserve… with over 80 dive sites registered, Bonaire has created a natural sanctuary where a variety of creatures, big and small, thrive in the protected waters since 1962.

  • Donkeys!... early settlers brought donkeys to the island for agricultural work. Generations later, you can visit these sweet creatures at the Donkey Sanctuary, where they live pampered lives in the tropics.

  • It’s salty… ever dove under a salt pier? This unforgettable experience is one for your bucket list as you swim along with salt crystals cascading down all around you.
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Join One World Dive & Travel and Adventure Entertainment for the International Ocean Film Tour, a celebration of our love of the ocean featuring six exhilarating and inspiring documentary ocean adventures.

Who: You (of course!)
What: The International Ocean Film Tour
Where: The Mayan Theater in Denver
When: June 10 th at 7:00pm
Why: Because we love the ocean and want to promote events that help spread the word to protect it.
For tickets and information, check out the tour website at
Travel Tip of the Month
Diving Dehydrated
Just like any adventure sport, hydration is so important to your overall health when diving. Water plays such an important part in regulating your body. It controls your body temperature; it removes toxins from your vital organs; it helps your cardiovascular system get oxygen to your brain. When you’re dehydrated, your blood thickens, your heart rate speeds up . . . read more.

Looking for something fun to do between dive trips. Come see why Rescue Diver is consistently the most raved about continuing education class, and our instructors favorite to teach!
What is this class: In the Basic Open Water Class, you learn how to be competent underwater. In Advanced, you learn how to be confident underwater. In Rescue, you learn how to keep your buddies and fellow divers safe.
Top 3 Reasons to take this class:
1. You dive with a loved one!
Do you dive with your spouse? Your kids? A close friend? What if something goes wrong? Be prepared. Be safe. Have fun.
2. Learn to be a better buddy.
Every certification prior to Rescue is self-focused. The Rescue Diver course teaches you to not only help yourself, but to help others.
3. Challenge yourself.
This course will challenge you both mentally and physically. When is the last time you challenged yourself?
Cost: $399.00

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From Our Feed
Did you know we are on YouTube. Check out our channel for videos from our recent adventures!
Tip of the Month
You don’t need to know a foreign language to meet locals in exotic destinations. Learning how to say “hello” “please” and “thank you” in the local tongue will go a long way to getting better service and making new friends on your adventure.
Whether you have 10 dives logged or 1,000, all divers should jump in the water to refresh and review the skills from the Open Water certification. We offer a couple of ways to review depending on your experience:
POOL NIGHT ~ Once a month, we open our pool for divers to come in after hours and splash around. This is a self guided review (there won't be an instructor on duty) but gives you a chance to set up your gear, blow bubbles, and keep things fresh between trips. If you can't make it to Pool Night, you can call us to book a Pool Workout whenever our pool is available.
The pool will be available from 6:00-9:00 pm on the following nights:

  • June 18th
  • August 16th
  • September 27th
Click here to register today!
SCUBA REFRESHERS ~ If it’s been longer than 2 years since your last dive, then you’ll need a SCUBA REFRESHER. In this four hour class, instructors will share practical tips from their personal experience of diving and jump in the water with you to make sure you are comfortable setting up your gear, controlling your buoyancy and review your emergency skills. The class is offered three times each month, and is often required by a resort if you haven't been diving in a year. If you have been out of the water for longer than 10 years, you will need to schedule this class privately.
Call the shop at 303-220-8282 for more information or click here for information on our upcoming SCUBA Refresher courses.
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