A year from today, citizens of New Hampshire will go to the polls to determine who will represent them in the US Senate.

We know what we have in Jeanne Shaheen: a lifetime career politician so out of touch with New Hampshire that she refuses to hold open town hall meetings and be accountable to voters.

In Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire has a Senator who was the deciding vote to pass Obamacare. Just five weeks ago, she claimed that Obamacare was having a "positive impact on people's lives." Now, she describes the Obamacare roll out as a "disaster."

Now, Jeanne Shaheen is backpedaling hard on Obamacare. She wants to push back enrollment deadlines and wants a review of health plans covering millions of Americans and that are being cancelled as a result of Obamacare mandates. Her spokesperson, Shripal Shah stated, "There are a number of legislative proposals to address concerns about plans that have not been 'grandfathered' and Senator Shaheen plans to review each of them carefully before considering the best path forward."

But Jeanne Shaheen wants us to forget that in 2010 she voted against an amendment that would do just that. Why is Jeanne Shaheen telling New Hampshire citizens that she is considering proposals to amend the grandfather rule when in fact she has already voted them down? As John DiStaso of the Union Leader wrote, "Was she for it before she was against it?"

It's time for leadership in Washington. Unlike Jeanne Shaheen, you will always know where I stand on an issue. As Senator, I will read and understand legislation before voting. I will vote NO to legislation like Obamacare that imposes so much control over our lives that it is now illegal to buy health insurance without maternity coverage.

With your help, we can fix the broken system in Washington. With the election a year from today, the clock is ticking. Jeanne Shaheen has had five years to raise money and use her power to make friends with Washington interest groups.

This morning, Congressman Charlie Bass announced that he will not be running for Senate. All indications are that Scott Brown is exploring a Presidential Run. The field is now clear, it is time to unite and move on defeating Jeanne Shaheen.

We cannot wait any longer to get behind the only candidate who can defeat Jeanne Shaheen. Waiting only strengthens her position. I need your help now. Please consider a donation of $25, 50, 100, or even 2600... today.

Thank You,
Jim Rubens

PS: There is only one candidate who is working every day to shine a spotlight on Jeanne Shaheen's awful record and to provide solutions to our nation's big challenges. She has millions of dollars to distort the truth and distance herself from Obamacare. Without your support, her attempt to distort the truth could be effective. Please click here to show your support by donating $25, 50, 100, up to 2600.