June 25, 2019

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Welcome to The Local Buzz, your inside scoop on San Diego’s tech scene. Keep up to date on our Fresh Brewed Tech website.
Today marks one year since we launched this newsletter! In that time, we have written 120 articles on historical and successful San Diego tech exits and where the key players are now ( #SDTechMafia ), on SDSU and UCSD startups, the local cannabis industry, company culture spotlights, and the social impact economy. We have also interviewed 24 impressive tech leaders on the Tacos and Tech Podcast . And I gave you my insights in these BloomBites in each newsletter .

You do realize we write our own content right?! Our stellar writing team includes students, journalists, marketing professionals, and entrepreneurs. We continue to bring awareness to San Diego’s tech history, what’s exciting now, and where we are headed as a community. We would love your feedback if we are hitting that goal. See the links in the above paragraph or click the photos below to check out our work.

Fresh Brewed Tech is a labor of love to elevate the community through awareness, and I am incredibly thankful to the team behind it (Andrea, Rachel, Sandy & Fred) and to our partners like Cox Business and Tragic Media who believe in the work we do in spreading the region's tech evangelism. Thank you!

One year later, there is clearly more ecosystem traction in San Diego based on increasing resources for under-represented founders , new satellite tech offices , and startups maturing towards liquidity . A few areas we need to continue to move the needle, and I pledge to continue to help, include honoring our top talent by paying them what they deserve, getting more local tech entrepreneurs investing in their early stage peers, and us collectively talking about the progress and wins coming from the San Diego area. This newsletter aims to help with the last point.

We’ll check back on these metrics in six months and then again in a year to see how we are doing. For now, enjoy our ecosystem and spread the San Diego tech love by sharing our content.


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Our team of local writers has shared the stories of San Diego entrepreneurs in various series. Below are rankings from three of our biggest series. Take a look at the most popular article in each series as well as each writer's favorite.
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120 articles

24 episodes of the Tacos & Tech Podcast

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...and one epic photoshoot with the Original Godfathers of San Diego Tech:
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