November 3, 2015
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Today is Election Day...2015! That means we are just about one year away ( 371 days, to be exact) from the 2016 presidential election.  Presidential Gender Watch will be your resource along the way as we observe 17 more presidential debates, 5 months of primaries and caucuses nationwide, 2 party conventions, and the winnowing of the current 18 candidates to 2 nominees and 1 winner. 

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Expert Analysis
Fiorina's Feminist Crusade?
Reflecting on recent comments made by
The View co-hosts on Carly Fiorina's face, 
PGW Expert Kelly Dittmar examines the implications of appearance coverage for women candidates, as well as analyzing the strategies they employ to respond to it. Read more here.

Memo to Women Candidates Part II: What Kind of Debater Are You?
Ahead of last week's GOP debate, communications expert Chris Jahnke shared more debate tips for women candidates, identifying best and worst practices for presenting your best self. Read more here.

Storify: #GOPDebate with #GenderWatch2016
Did you miss Presidential Gender Watch's  live-tweet of last week's CNBC GOP debate with Chris Jahnke? Don't fear - we archived the best of our conversation using Storify. Take a look at the tips, insights, and reactions among our experts and followers. Find and share our Storify  here.

What We're Not Hearing from Republicans: Issues that Matter to Women and Families
In this guest post,   Kate Black shares research conducted by her organization - American Women - that identifies the issues that matter most to women in the 2016 election. Read more here.

Check out our latest installment of  On the Bias , where we identify gender bias in caricatures of women candidates, post-debate commentary among voters, and claims about the "chickification" of political news. 
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Via @GenderWatch: When women candidates face more scrutiny on appearance over substance. #GenderWatch2016 

Facts & Figures

Don't miss the latest facts and figures at Presidential Gender Watch. Here are some recent highlights:
W hile  Article II of the Constitution, which lays out the qualifications and duties of the president, uses the word "he" 16 times, an analysis by U.S. News and World Report confirms that electing a woman president poses no constitutional problems.

CNN poll  last May demonstrated Rand Paul's problem with women voters. In the latest CNN poll, however, Paul's support among Libertarian-leaning men is also down, leading the Christian Science Monitor
to report that his problem among voters is no longer gender-specific. 

Fortune argues that Ben Carson has women to thank for surpassing Donald Trump in recent polls of Iowa voters. In the latest Quinnipiac Poll, 33% of Republican women supported Carson and 13% supported Trump. Men were almost evenly split, with 25% backing Carson and 24% choosing Trump.
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