Our 2nd Annual Virtual Cybersecurity Awareness Conference
Thursday, October 14th from 11 am - 3:30 pm
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and at MIS Alliance, we are committed to continuing to raise awareness to help business leaders like you stay vigilant against cyber threats to keep your company's data protected. Please join us at our complimentary 2nd Annual Virtual Cybersecurity Awareness Conference and learn about current cyber threats and what role your company plays to combat them.

You will learn from experts around the country who will share important topics such as cyber attacks that exist from hackers and bad actors and what steps you can take to stay protected. We promise that you will leave the conference with the information needed to help keep your company's information safe and secure. And, there are several great prizes offered in a drawing for all participating registrants!
Topics include:
  • Outsmart the puppet master
  • Identify and attack cyberthreats with speed
  • Protect against ransomware attacks
  • Manage threat compliance
  • Mitigate cyber risk
  • Learn about the value of ethical hacking
  • And more

Featured speakers include representatives from:

Fantastic Prizes!
By attending the conference, you will automatically be eligible to win some terrific prizes such as:
  1. Password Manager- for one site and up to 30 licenses for one year 
  2. Security Awareness Training- up to 50 licenses for one company for one year
  3. GRAND PRIZE- Network Vulnerability scans - one company location for up to 100 devices

We look forward to seeing you on at the Conference!

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