January 31st, 2019
Regarding this Guardian Female, please call Sheron and note her new Phone # 432-249-0197
If you’re unable to reach her, please email xanadupack@gmail.com and leave a phone number for aMandi to call you back.

ALL XANADU Pups are GUARANTEED for Temperament, Genetic Soundness, and Vet-Checked Health. (See XANADU'S Ltd. Warranty (linked below). For additional photos of the parents of these litters, please visit xanadoodle.com "Breeding Dogs" page or see our recent Pup Alert Newsletters). XANADU Breeding Goals are linked below. SEE below for GUARDIAN INFORMATION link IF you want our "best" pup for about 1/3 - to - 1/2 the price and enjoy having puppies underfoot. XANADU Female Breeding Agreements are for two future litters (four future litters for Male Guardians). A Guardian Female is AVAILABLE from ZOE & Elvis Jr’s. Golden Retriever Litter, and Guardians of both genders MAY AVAILABLE from IRELAND and WOLF''S POMSKY litter. ALL ARE SERVICE/THERAPY CANDIDATES.

PUP SHIPMENTS / TRANSPORTATION: This puppy is located in Pueblo West, CO. Pickup and nearby delivery is available. Puppy photo attachments and XANADU Breeding Goals (See Links) will let you know if you want XANADU'S Breeding Goals in your new BFF. XANADU'S Mission is the development of the World's Best Family Dog. This pup will be an intelligent, attentive, highly-trainable adult dog. Also expected to be a GREAT SERVICE DOG CANDIDATE. Please inquire if you hope to train your pup for service. Do remember that all pups are sweet little terrorists...they ALL need positive training. I recommend pro-active training books and puppy classes. Your veterinarian or local Pet Shop can help you find a good trainer in your area.

There is 1 pretty female pup remaining from this litter. This unique litter will be small, only expected to reach 10-15#. As noted in our previous Pup Alert Newsletters, it's important to read our  XANADU Breeding Goals  document  (See Link) . These little pups are different, smaller, have better temperaments than most Pomskies, as part of our breeding program toward the XANADU Mission: World's Best Family Dog. Note from breeder, Sheron: Some Pomskies have ears that stand up, and some don't. Pomskies that are bred back to Pomeranians (F1-a or b litters) often have pointy or rounded stand-up ears. We don't expect stand-up ears in this litter. The Pomsky is a small, beautiful, and hardy hybrid.

DOB: Oct. 6, 2018

1. I call this  GUARDIAN FEMALE  sweetheart, "Make-up," for the beautiful unique markings all the way around her eyes. She is the quietest puppy of the bunch, very docile, just loves human cuddles. Make-up is not very vocal (well-mannered puppy) likes to take naps on you. Her coat is more silky than fluffy, and she likes bathing and brushing. She has had her new - puppy veterinarian check-up. She has a 10+ personality and daddy's soft fluffy Pomeranian coat.
She is FREE to a great home, with a one-litter breeding agreement OR $275 without.
Always my very best to each one of you,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu of the Rockies
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Cell Phone (no texts):  432-249-0197