St Anthony Church Newsletter
This Sunday, we celebrate the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. Though sinless, Jesus entered the waters of the Jordan River so that we could be baptized not just with water but with the Holy Spirit.
Our baptism is a commitment we make to share Jesus’ concern for the lost and the broken. If Jesus is willing to stoop down and live a life of service for the poor, we must be willing to do the same.
We are all searching for God. If He seems hard to find, it could be that we are looking in the wrong places. Perhaps we are looking on the mountaintops when we should be looking in the ghettos. Until we are ready to get ourselves dirty, to risk our safety, and to give without counting the cost, God will remain elusive to us. However, if we can follow Jesus into the wet and murky places of our world, we will be surprised by his marvelous light shining out from where we least expect it.
The 11:15 Mass will continue to be live-streamed for the time being.
Therefore St Anthony Church will broadcast on Facebook LIVE Sundays at 11:15 am.
The video of the Mass will be available on this page of our website after the Mass is complete.
Volunteers needed to put away the decorations. It certainly seems as though this Christmas Season flew by. Now it is time to take down the decorations in the church and get them safely put away.
We are looking for volunteers to help this Sunday, January 10th at 12:30 PM following the 11:15 Mass. If you could spare a few hours of your time it would be very much appreciated.
You can contact David Byrne at 203-758-4056 ext. 17 or email
Volunteer of the Week
We are starting a new feature this week spotlighting one of our many volunteers for their contributions to our parish community. We are blessed with hundreds of volunteers in our parish so it will take some time to highlight all of them.
David Bosco – Reader and Bingo Ministry
David has been a parishioner at St. Anthony since his childhood when he lived
about a half mile from the church. He now lives in Waterbury with his wife Carol
but has continued to attend St. Anthony Church.
In the mid 1990’s David and Carol would attend bingo in the church hall as a pastime. He was soon approached by Father Cascia to volunteer which he has done now for over 20 years. Eventually David took on the responsibility as a Ministry Leader in Bingo. He provides oversight of the front of the house volunteers with the State regulations, bingo sheets, numbers etc. This summer bingo was suspended but David continued in his ministry by designing and installing a new video display system for the hall. We all look forward to the time when it is put to good use.
David, with his distinctive baritone voice, has been a longtime reader at Mass as well.
Thank you, David, for your time and talents in supporting our parish.
The Knights of Columbus Baskets for Babies Collection will run through January 24th. New and unwrapped items can be placed in collection baskets which will be in the vestibule of the church.
If you would like to contribute but prefer to shop online, you may ship your items to:
St. Anthony Church (in care of Knights of Columbus)
4 Union City Road, Prospect CT 06712
Wish List:
Booties, Blankets, Onesies, Baby Bath Bottles, Outfits, Baby Lotion, Comb & Brush Sets, Pacifiers, Baby Shampoo, Crib Sheets, Rattles, Baby Wipes, Desitin Ointment, Sleepers, Bath Towels, Diaper Bags, Socks, Bibs, Diapers, Strollers, Blanket Sleepers, Hats, Sweaters and Stuffed Animals.
Lighting Votive Candles in Church
When lighting a votive candle at one of our shrines in Church, we ask the particular saint, who is in full communion with Christ, to pray for us in much the same way we would ask a dear and close friend. Due to their complete communion with God, their intersessions are especially helpful.
In lighting a candle before a relic, statue or icon we are saying that God resides fully within that person, the person is in full communion with God and that that person is giving perpetual glory to God. Catholics practice this not to honor the image itself, but rather the one it truly represents.
When we ask this saint to pray with and for us, this light, as it is kept burning, also shows our desire to remain in God’s presence as we go through our daily duties at home and in the workplace.
For the last 2 years, we have not recovered the cost of purchasing the votive candles. We ask that if you are able to, please donate to the cost of the candles but placing your donation into the box at the candle stand. Thank you.
Parish Financial Reports are always available on this page of our website
Its not to late to check out some Positive New Year ideas:

  • Check out the Saint of the Day Website for daily inspiration!
  • Bible in one Year has options to receive a daily email or download the app.
  • Start the year with an empty jar. Once a week, fill it with a note about good things that happened that week or something you are grateful for. On New Year's Eve, empty it and see all the wonderful things that can happened in a year.
  • The Prayer Line Ministry is looking for a few more people. What does a person in this ministry do? They receive a call or email with the request for prayers for a particular individual and add those intentions to their prayers. If you are interested please call the parish center office and your information will be shared with the leader of this ministry. All information, on those being prayed for, is strictly confidential.
  • The Altar Society is in need of someone to clean the linens. Commitment is weekly for just one month a year. Please contact Pat Vlamis for more details.
Guidelines for Attending Mass
While some might feel these guidelines are stringent, it is important that guidelines are followed, that we respect all parishioners and be sure that everyone feels comfortable attending Mass.

  • Please bring a face mask to wear, as it is required as you enter, while inside and as you exit. Please be sure to cover your mount and nose with the mask, not just your mouth.
  • Every 3rd pew will be completely open and there will be no tape on the seats. This will allow for large families to sit together without sitting on tape. When you come to Mass and are the first in a pew, please move to the end, close to the windows. This allows others to enter the pew from the center aisle and have a place to sit.
  • Please enter through the center doors of the front of the church, (with the exception of those that cannot use stairs you may enter through the Angel doors and proceed up the side aisle), proceed up the center aisle and when you enter a pew, move to the far side aisle, allowing other people to sit in the pew.
  • There are 20 pews open and with the capacity of 100, that leaves plenty of space for those attending.
  • We expect that every individual or family will keep a 6 foot distance between them and the next person/family.
  • The center aisle is meant to be used for walking toward the sanctuary and the side aisles are meant for walking away from the sanctuary
  • Also, We will no longer use stickie notes to mark the pews on the weekend, only during the week.
Collection Procedure:
  • One of the guidelines is that we cannot have the ushers passing the basket to receive your offertory envelopes.
  • Three collection boxes will be available inside the church and they will be emptied in the presence of 2 ushers, after every Mass, into a secure bag. 
  • If there is a second collection, please put your donation for that collection into a separate envelope. If it is a plain envelope, please mark it with the specific collection that it is for. 
  • If you put loose cash in the box, it will be recorded under the weekly offering. Thank you.
Communion Procedure:
  • Please use the markers for distancing while in line. Families can stay together.
  • Once in front of Father or Deacon, please extend your hands out flat to receive the consecrated host, as you walk away, pause at the X on the floor, lower your mask, consume the host, put your mask back on and return to your pew down the side outside aisle.
Bingo is cancelled until further notice.
Unfortunately, BINGO will not be reopening as previously thought due to the state of Connecticut reducing gatherings to 25 people indoors.
If you would like to be added to our mailing list to keep up to date please email

Thank you for all who have supported us in the past and we look forward to when we can have a HUGE Jackpot again
When shopping Amazon, you can choose to use Amazon Smile* and a percentage of your order will be donated to St. Anthony Church, specifically for the refurbishing of the Church hall.
Click on the photo to get started!
*We encourage supporting local businesses, direct trade and fair trade partners as well as environment considerations when making purchases. If you do choose to use Amazon Smile and you don’t need your item immediately, please don’t choose overnight/rush delivery because this often forces people to work on Sunday. 
Labonnes Cash for Charities Rebate Program
  • Please save your Labonne's cash register receipts. (Keep an envelope in your car to easily save them)
  • Every couple of months submit them to St. Anthony Church, via the mail or by dropping them off at the parish center. We will receive 1/2% back. 
  • Thank you to everyone who has been sending in their slips, keep them coming!

Please consider using online giving for your financial support.
The consistency from online giving is very helpful over vacation periods. You may still use your envelopes and mark “I gave online”. 
Thank you and God bless you for all you do for St. Anthony Church!
Parish Mission Statement
St. Anthony Church is a parish where God’s love nourishes the soul to actively minister to people and share the joy of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

St. Anthony Church
4 Union City Road – Prospect, CT 06712
203-758-4056 .