We are encouraged as we head into November and the season of Thanksgiving, receiving stories and special words from those in our programs and from within the community. Relationships, such as yours, that we cherish.
A former foster child shared with us, “...when I was adopted into a new home and my dad would read to me at night sometimes, then and only then, did I feel "normal" because just for a minute I could forget about the past and just be loved.”

Reading together is a time to connect free of the challenges we may be facing around us. A time to share and be seen without the pressures of the outside world. A time to settle in to a story and build a positive relationship.
A child in our Youth Readers program, where high schoolers volunteer to read to preschoolers, told her mother about her day, “I did reading today!” Proud and excited she shared, “I did reading with my older friends.”
From reading together, friendships are being formed. Relationships are strengthening between children and parents, within extended families, and throughout the community providing a sense of value and happiness. These experiences and your support inspire us.
We hope you will join us in reading to a loved one today and continue to help us extend this critical gift to those in need within our community. From one of our grandparent participants, “… it is a memorable and lasting gift that is irreplaceable!"

 Your efforts make an immeasurable impact in the hearts and minds of all who participate!

To help more children, youth and families benefit from the critically important experience of reading together we encourage you to make a one time donation or recurring donation today.