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Dark Sky   
We love holiday lights but encourage you to turn them off at bedtime and after close of businesses. Read Ordinance 743 .
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Upcoming Agendas
To view upcoming City Council and Planning and Zoning agendas, click here . 
It's a Girl!
Ketchum Firefighter Mike Witthar and his wife Michelle Erdie welcomed 7 pound Christine Irene on Jan. 29.  Congratulations!
Reggae in the Mountains
Celebrate another incredible week of Nordic festivities tomorrow night at Reggae in the Mountains.  Party at 4:00 at Lefty's Bar and Grill, 5:00 in Town Square at the concert and afterward at Whiskey's with more reggae music.  Click here for the lineup and ticket information. 
The Ketchum Street Department continues to experiment with a mag-chloride liquid de-icer on hills and at stop signs that may save the City money.  Pre-wetting the roads with this solution activates road salt for faster melting and prevents ice and snowpack bonding to pavement before it starts.  The solution is environmentally friendly and made from 100 percent natural minerals from the Great Salt Lake.  The City's Street Department began experimenting with the new de-icer after listening to community concerns about the use of sand for de-icing.  Based on the dust caused by the sand, the cost of this de-icing method and the time spent moving and cleaning roads following the winter season, the mag-chloride liquid de-icer would be a more cost effective solution for de-icing.  If the Street Department has successful results, the City could save a substantial amount of money with the alternative de-icing solution.  Questions?  Contact the Street Department here.  Now all we need is a little snow!   
New Green Building Codes
Learn about New Green Building Codes in Blaine County and their impacts on real estate values, Thursday, Feb. 20! 
Sun Valley Film Festival Tickets
March 13 - 16, 2014

Tickets are now on sale here. 

Congratulations to our valley's athletes. 
Good luck at Sochi!
January 31, 2014
 A Message from Mayor Nina Jonas 

My first month as your Mayor has flown by at a surreal rate.  After moving into my office at City Hall and wrestling with the multi-line land phone, I have settled into operations.  With potential changes in City Administration, I am formulating best practice structures for City operations and creating a hiring committee to help steer future changes.  Sun Valley Mayor Briscoe and I have begun collaborations between our cities on numerous issues and have formed a group comprised of Council members to work on funding for marketing.  Efforts toward a memorandum of understanding between the City of Ketchum and Hulen Meadows Board, for protection of water supplies within the proposed recreation and public purpose project, have been reinstated.  The first meeting of the 1% Air Service Board was held and comprised of County Commissioner Schoen, Hailey Mayor Haemmerle, Sun Valley Mayor Brisco and myself discussing board roles, bylaws and budget.  And finally, we kicked off the 5th annual Nordic Festival last week, which culminates this weekend with the Boulder Mountain Tour. 

On Feb. 13, the second meeting of the Air Service Board will be held to discuss budgets and contracts for strategic marketing and airline minimum revenue guarantees.  During the next several weeks, our state legislators will also be visiting the area to gain input from local individuals and entities.  The broadband committee continues its efforts toward improved internet access and reliability.  And we will continue to improve communications with you by participating in a Tuesday radio show after each Council meeting with Dana Dugan on KDPI, providing clearer agendas, improving sound systems at City Hall and moving toward live feeds of meetings.

It is an honor to serve you and I welcome your input in person or via email at

- Mayor Nina Jonas
Downtown Jam
When the Blaine County Recreation District (BCRD) calls, the City of Ketchum delivers!  Mother Nature's less than fruitful snow season didn't get in the way of the Downtown Jam last night at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts field.  The NordicTown USA sprint race was scheduled for Thursday night but there was one thing missing - snow.

The Ketchum Street Department went in search of snow and found
plenty of it at the Baker Creek parking lot.  Once the BCRD received permission from the Idaho Transportation Department and Forest Service, the Street Department got to work.  About 25 loads of snow were hauled to the race site and one of the City's large loaders was there to knock down the piles to prepare the snow for grooming.    

This isn't the first time the
Street Department came to the rescue of Nordic skiing.  During the 1990 downtown criterium, Ketchum's bare streets were covered with transported snow from the Ketchum Street Department.  Thank them yourself here for keeping Ketchum snowy!
Live Streaming

Missing City Council meetings will soon be a thing of the past as Ketchum works toward new channels of communication.  The City has been working diligently, based on objectives proposed by the Council, to make live streaming of Council meetings available online. 


This project will provide the public an opportunity to become familiar with meeting procedures, their Mayor and Council and the issues at hand.  Steps are also being taken to provide better sound quality in the meeting room at City Hall.  These improvements will make it easier for the public, particularly those with ADA needs, to provide their comments during meetings.  We hope the improvements to our communication channels will encourage you to participate and help you get to know the Mayor and Council's priorities, views, passions and community purpose. 


The City hopes that by opening up alternative modes of communication, the community will be able to easily provide input on important local issues.  More information will be coming your way soon.  If you are unfamiliar with the process of live streaming or have any additional questions, please contact the City by clicking here.
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