Dear National Healthcare Decisions Day Team:
We're one month from NHDD 2020. 
Ordinarily at this time, I'd be providing last minute tips and encouragement for your NHDD events.  These are NOT ordinary times.  My guess is that an overwhelming number of NHDD events will be cancelled as a result of the global virus situation.  If you are canceling an event, I simply ask that you, nevertheless, remind people that advance care planning remains important. 
In fact, for some portion of the globe, the importance of advance care planning is VERY real right now.  So much of the news recently has focused on whether we as a nation (and a planet) had sufficiently planned ahead for a pandemic.  NHDD cannot answer that at the global level, but we can ensure that people are prepared at a personal level.  Therefore, even if you have to cancel your public events, you can still promote NHDD by doing your own work (Lead by Example) and spreading the word using whatever means you can.
The notion of 20/20 hindsight playing a role in NHDD 2020 is now strikingly prophetic. 
Please keep doing your great work, promoting advance care planning, focusing on what is most important, and washing your hands.

National Healthcare Decisions Day Initiative 
National Healthcare Decisions Day Initiative
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