October 29, 2020
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Only One More Day to the General Election on November 3!
Have you voted? Have you volunteered?
Are you Depressed, Anxious, Nervous, Excited?
Perhaps you can use a little campaign humor?
SNL skit on dealing with the election.
VOTE 'EM OUT - by Founders Sing
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Randy Rainbow asks "How Will You Vote?"
Local Voters Turn out in Record Numbers
As of Saturday evening, October 31, some Voting statistics of the 210,744 registered voters in St. Johns County:

148,455 Voters or 70.67% turnout to date

Democrats: 21,984 Democratic Vote by Mail ballots returned
17,456Democrats voted early for a total of 39,457 or 75.64% Great job Dems!!!

Republicans: 22,086 Republican Vote by Mail ballots returned
59,008 Republicans voted early for a total of 81,116 or 72.593%

No Party Affiliated: 10,199 NPA Vote by Mail ballots returned
15,538 NPAs voted early for a total of 25,749

Other Parities: 876 Other party Vote by ail ballots returned
1,220 Other Parties voted early for a total of 2,135 Combined NPA and Other =59.06%

Early Voting concluded on Saturday, October 31

Please note, the provisional ballots are not listed, but included in the totals above.
We Encourage You to Sign up for General Election
Poll Greeting (and Sign Waving) Opportunities
Click below to volunteer
to poll greet at one of the precincts on Tuesday, November 3.
The green button will take you to a web page that contains
links to available times and locations.
In some cases, only two volunteer positions are available, but don't
let that deter you from going at a time convenient to you.

But we also encourage volunteers to visit elections polling locations,
wave rally signs there and at busy intersections,
and put your magnets and flags on your cars and trucks
and drive around the county in support of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

You may find musicians at some of the precincts tomorrow and a visit from
our friendly donkey will be taking place throughout the county.
Democrats organizing poll greeting tables at the precincts on Tuesday
can pick up Biden-Harris signs today from Democratic Headquarters,
as well as other items for their location.
Some photos from the Democratic Poll Greeting location at the Southeast Library.

If you see something during voting that should be reported,
call the Voter Protection Hot Line at 833-868-3352

Signs around the County
"Imagine" sign visited downtown on Saturday. Available from Warren Clark to be displayed in the county.
One of 25 large signs around the county - some of which have been damaged - though not as numerous as the competition.

Additional yard signs have arrived in St. Augustine for distribution.
From the Chair's Desk — Your Weekly Update

Terrie Rizzo, Chair, Florida Democratic Party

Be sure to read the November 1 edition of the weekly newsletter. With only one day until the election, you can find a number of actions in which you can participate. Read Terrie's newsletter for more information to join in.

Did you receive a forwarded copy of this newsletter? 
Canvassing and more Opportunities with the Biden Campaign
Visit https://www.floridadems.org/events/, enter your zip code and
the current date, and you can view a number of opportunities in which
you can become involved during these final days of the 2020 Election.
Text Florida Democrats Their Personalized Voting Guides

Saturday, October 31 –
Tuesday, November 3
11:00 AM

We need your help to remind Democrats to vote! This is a statewide text bank that will also send Democrats their personalized #SunshineSlate☀️ Democratic voting guides so we can have victories up and down the entire ballot in November!

We will be texting voters each day from 11 AM - 8 PM Volunteers can join the shift and help text voters at any time — but you are strongly encouraged to join our daily kick-off Zoom meeting for important instructions with the FDP Training Director BEFORE you begin texting!

Election Information
Visit stjohnsdemocraticparty.org for more election information.
From the Supervisor of Elections

The following locations have been changed for the General Election
Precinct 305 returns to the Riverview Club, 790 Christina Dr., St. Augustine
Precinct 306 is at the Good News Church, 1357 Wildwood Dr., St. Augustine
Precinct 402 is at the Ponte Vedra Palm Valley Rawlings Elementary School, 610 A1A North, Ponte Vedra Beach

Click on the link above for more information about volunteer opportunities during the last day before November 3 and possible events following the election.

Democratic Headquarters Merchandise
Democratic Headquarters still offers a selection of
Biden-Harris T-shirts, Hats, Magnets, Bumper Stickers,
Flags, Specialty Yard Signs, Buttons, and Masks.
And a Cup of Joe mugs.

In addition, we also have "RBG" T-shirts and Masks
as well as "Black Lives Matter" Yard Signs and Masks.

Please Note: By Florida law, we can only receive cash donations
of $50 per person, per campaign cycle (August 19 - November 3).
For any amount over $50, we request payment by check or credit card.
And for any donation of $100 or more, please provide your occupation.
Or by check payable to SJC DEC and sent to Democratic Headquarters.
Please Note: Contributions to Political Parties are not tax-deductible.

If you have information for the St. Johns Democratic newsletter, please send it to: stjohnsdemocraticparty@gmail.com
For more information contact:
St. Johns County Democratic Party | 904-825-2336

71 South Dixie Highway, Suite 6
St. Augustine, FL 32084

The Office is open Monday to Friday 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
and is often closed on Public Holidays.