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helmet-goggles March 23 2018

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town

Hooper Lansburgh has been flying the PA12 and I thought that some would like to see what the view is like from the back!

Hooper Lansburgh lines up the PA12 for some multiple touch and goes at Madras.  This is the view from the back seat.

Ginger Miller also hopped in the front seat of the PA12 (named "Fred", after aeronautical engineer Fred Weick, the designer of the PA25 Pawnee).  Ginger has great feet and I predict great things for her in the future.
Ginger in the PA12 (Great Feet!).

Jamie Klaes, a former Ladies Love Taildraggers scholarship winner came back for some backseat dual in the PA12.  It was a great moment in personal aviation history, because her mother used to fly her in the backseat of a Super Cub up above the Arctic Circle back when Jamie was just a little girl. 


Why backseat?  Because she's a new CFI, that's why.  I'm so happy that we have a tailwheel CFI in Alaska and I hope that more student pilots in Alaska will take advantage of having her up there. 
Jamie and I spent a day hitting just about every grass strip we know of around here, including a touch and go at the "Catbox".  We had a ball!

(Above: Jamie Klaes with "Fred" and Jamie and Brian while Jamie gets a little backseat time.  We now have another talented tailwheel teacher in Alaska!)

This week's new article on the Tailwheeler's Journal:

Brittany Reinbolt in the irrigation pivot.

"The Irrigation Pivot".  Flying the Irrigation pivot is one of several maneuvers exclusive to Tailwheel town.  It's a great maneuver and ought to be taught to everyone.  "Acme" will probably never take advantage of it.

An Older Article:

Brian in the old Airshow days with one of the best ducks in the biz, "George", an Indian Runner.

"Ducks, What Ducks?"  It's another remiscence of my time as an airshow comedy pilot and may explain why I'm such a curmudgeon, especially where the government is concerned!  But I do enjoy this story and I hope you will, too!

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