The Marco Bonfante wines of Piedmont were one of our best selling and best value portfolios this year. We sold all that was available this past summer. It seems more has arrived and just in time for the importer drop prices in an attempt to move inventory before the fiscal end of the year. Importers pay taxes on the value of their inventory so;

Today 2012 Marco Bonfante Barolo is $32.50, 45 bottles available.
Today 2012 Marco Bonfante Monferrato Rosso DuediDue is $24.00, 42 bottles available. 

Our original offer and reviews are below. 

All the very best for the holidays,
Rex & Michele

Winemaker Marco Bonfante was in town Tuesday to present his wines in our
monthly tasting at the Classic CafĂ©. Marco is a tremendous winemaker. Every wine he poured showed a style of winemaking which is all about structure, finesse and very clean pure fruit. Definitely No Funk. Marco loves making Barolo and Barbaresco, but he is also a bit of the mad horticulturist. He is into very non- traditional blends and cross pollination of vines in order to find new varietals. Today we are focusing on two of his wines, a sensational Rosso and his Barolo.  You will notice that both wines focused on are of the 2012 vintage. That is the current release. They spend a long time in French Oak then at least a year resting in the cellar before release.  P.S. The importer is the wholesaler in this deal, so these wines skipped a tier of mark up.
All of the very best for your weekend,
Rex and Michele

2012 Marco Bonfante Monferrato Rosso DuediDue
60% Cabernet Sauvignon, 40% Barbara 325 cases produced
This wine is a steal ! $29.00

This wine is outrageously good, simply ridiculous at under thirty dollars. The Cabernet is 50 year old hillside vines and the Cab part has obvious depth and opulence. The Barbara seems to add a wilder berry component to this wine.
The result is a rich wild berry composition of both  ripe cherry and blueberry. There is pepper and spice mixed with bits of mocha and vanilla .With old vine Cab as the higher percentage in the  DuediDue , the finish has length to say the least. We drank another bottle last night with friends who dropped by, it went quick! 15 months in French oak, minimum 2 years cellar aging prior to release.
2012 Marco Bonfante Barolo
430 cases produced

I found out something I had not known. Some of the best, most expensive and most prestigious Barolo comes from the hill of Bussia. What I did not know is that the minute you write "Bussia" on the bottle the price goes up with a variety of fees and taxes.  If you do not list the specific sub appellation of Bussia on the label those fees and taxes are avoided . This wine is 100% single vineyard Bussia but that is not stated on the label. The nose is violet and truffle. The flavor profile is cherry, raspberry. With air, this wine really shines. The Bonfante Barolo is a great drink when first opened but after some time in the decanter the red fruit becomes extremely vibrant with a long finish exhibiting racy saffron ,Asian spice and orange zest. This is a highly structured Barolo and will easily cellar for 20 years. ( 36 months in French Oak, minimum 2 years cellaring prior to release)

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