VSC Voice | December 2020
Lynn Williams is executive assistant and crisis intervention support at VSC.

My name is Lynn Williams. I am a certified crisis hotline counselor advocate. I answer calls from victims of crime on VSC's 24/7 hotline. Almost every interaction I have in a day's time is with someone who has experienced a trauma as a result of victimization. VSC is here for victims of crime and their families and friends affected by the victimization of their loved one. Our services are available at no cost to anyone needing services. I have been working at VSC for 8 years and continue because I like being part of the healing process. If someone is speaking with me, I know they are taking the first steps toward healing. That's why we are here.

On this Giving Tuesday I am writing to ask you to consider a gift to VSC in any amount. Your support will help us serve victims remotely during this pandemic.

Thank you for your support.

Lynn Williams
Crisis Intervention Support
Victim Services Center of Montgomery County, Inc.