More than 1,000 reasons to smile
The Fuller Center's work — the real nitty gritty of getting houses built — is something that happens at a local level with effective local leaders who best know the communities they serve. Among the best is our team in Armenia, which this year became our first covenant partner to reach the 1,000-home milestone.

Our Armenian friends will tell you, though, that their tremendous success would not be possible without the generous gifts of funds and volunteer hours from Fuller Center supporters in America, especially from Armenian-Americans. Of course, everyone who visits Armenia falls in love with the country and its people.

In a year that has seen so many obstacles and setbacks placed in a spotlight, we wanted you to have a little more good news and even more reasons to celebrate this holiday season. We believe a thousand families with simple, decent places to live is a good start. But there's more good news to share, and we can make more success stories like these possible in the new year.

On behalf of all of us at The Fuller Center for Housing, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!
Bike, run or walk with the Home Team and build a better world

Because so many embraced our Global Home Challenge, The Fuller Center has launched a similar initiative — the Home Team, which is now under way and continuing through August 31, 2021. Unlike the Global Home Challenge, the Home Team is designed to complement instead of replacing the Bicycle Adventure, which hopes to go on with its scheduled rides in 2021 as COVID vaccines make the rounds.
How Michael Oliphant turned 2020 obstacles into opportunities

Michael Oliphant was among many to seize upon the opportunity of the Global Home Challenge and biked more than 600 miles while raising more than $6,000 through his own support and more than 60 generous friends. That funded the construction of two homes now occupied by families in Pignon, Haiti — and he now is leading a third build with friends via his virtual Global Builders team.
Co-founders' granddaughter releases instrumental "Serenity"

Sophie Davina — granddaughter of Millard and Linda Fuller — showcased her voice in the spring when she released the self-written and self-composed “Storms,” perfectly timed for the COVID crisis, even though it was produced well before the pandemic. Along with her remarkable voice was skilled accompaniment on the piano — also by Sophie. Recently, she followed that effort with her new instrumental “Serenity.”
What was our ministry's top story of 2020? Your vote will decide

Among the many stories that shaped our ministry were the release of our free Vacation Bible School curriculum (left), the Global Home Challenge and our covenant partners continued efforts to build safely even through the pandemic. Armenia's 1,000-home milestone came after the poll was posted, but it's safe to say that accomplishment otherwise would have been one of our top 10 stories!
VIDEO: Merry Christmas from some of our partners
BONUS VIDEO: Year-end reports and holiday wishes from Fuller Center international headquarters in Americus, Ga.