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January 2016 Newsletter     

The mission of One-to-One Institute is to transform education by personalizing learning through universal access to technology.

One-to-One Institute is pleased to announce
their partnership with Personalize Learning 
to launch a new online course:Creating A 
Learner-centered 1:1 Environment

One-to-One Institute is partnering with Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey of Personalize Learning to help teachers create learner-centered 1:1 environments. One-to-One Institute COO, Dr. Michael Gielniak identifies personalized learning as the next big advancement needed to realize the full potential of education technology. "We are  hearing from our well implemented 1:1 districts that the transformation to a student-centered pedagogy continues to be one of the biggest challenges. We believe our new course provides districts with an important foundation for their journey to personalize learning."
Bray and McClaskey expressed their excitement about the new partnership. "We are honored to work with One-to-One Institute in creating a customized standalone course based on our 5W's of Personalized Learning eCourse. Our partnership with One-to-One Institute demonstrates how learner voice and choice encourages the learner to acquire the skills they need to choose and use the appropriate tools and resources for any task. Working together to adapt the course has been an exciting experience. We look forward to our continued partnership and journey to help transform 1:1 learning environments."
Nexus Academy: Expect More 
by Charles Carver
Principal, Nexus Academy
 At Nexus Academy of Lansing, personalization is at the heart of what we do. Nexus Academy of Lansing is a blended learning high school located in mid-Michigan and we currently serve 275 students representing 25 different communities in our local area. Our students come to our school with a variety of backgrounds, talents, and school experiences. Fortunately, due to our small and unique learning environment, our school staff is able to build strong relationships with all of our students and work with them in a variety of ways to ensure they are receiving a high quality, high school education.

Notes from the Cutting Edge: K-12 Online & Blending Learning
by Mickey Ravenaugh
Director of New School Models, Pearson ISDD Co-Founder and EVP, Connections Education

Transforming teaching and learning with technology is a complex process that requires a foundation of shared leadership across all members of the organization. The success of our digital teaching and learning initiative ( TL2020 ) is largely due to the cultivation of district, building and individual staff leadership. While leadership and vision are the foundation of the success of the TL2020 initiative, everyone in the organization has the potential for leadership and shares that responsibility - from students, teachers and administrators to board members. This article provides a glimpse into how the Salisbury Township School District's focus on leadership is driving a digital transformation.
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Personalized Learning Leads to Engaged Leaders
by Barbara Bray and Kathleen McClaskey, Co-founder, Personalize Learning, LLC
The current system was built around teachers being the ones accountable for learning instead of the learners. This is how most of us learned in school and in teacher education programs. What this approach tends to do is to create a sense of compliancy and "learned helplessness" for our learners and teachers. It puts the responsibility for what is learned and how it is learned in the teachers' hands not the learners. Doesn't this seem backwards?   In a personalized learning environment, educators can encourage learners to build more capacity to initiate, manage, and maintain their own learning. 
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Have You Seen This?
Project RED


The Project RED research study on the effectiveness of large scale technology initiatives provides some very important data. 

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About One-to-One Institute

One-to-One Institute grew out of Michigan's successful, statewide one-to-one initiative, Freedom to Learn.  One-to-One Institute is a national non-profit committed to igniting 21st century education through the implementation of one-to-one technology in K-12 settings.  Our mission is to transform education. We believe that by personalizing learning through universal, uninterrupted access to technology students will take ownership of their learning and maximize their potential. 


One-to-One Institute offers professional learning, consultancy, expertise and hands-on experience in all aspects of developing learning environments that meaningfully integrate technology. Based on the latest research and our experience in hundreds of 1:1 environments, OTO has crafted a set of best practices for leadership, infrastructure and instruction to help ensure that your program is successful and sustainable.

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One-to-One Institue Blog
The Challenge of Transforming Principal Leadership
By: Dr. Michael Gielniak

I have the great privilege to work with incredibly dedicated school administrators across the country on a regular basis. In this work, I witnessed first-hand the sometime Herculean effort it takes to do the job well. Mike Copland, in  his article in the Kappan , talks about how the number of duties assigned to a principal can exceed the ridiculous. "Expectations for the principalship have steadily expanded since the reforms of the early 1980s, always adding to, and never subtracting from, the job description."

One-to-One Approach

One-to-One Institute recommends a comprehensive approach when considering the implementation of a 1:1 program. This approach requires complex strategic planning and project management, as well as building sustainability and providing extensive professional learning opportunities for teachers, administrators, and all stakeholders.
Let One-to-One Institute guide you through their research-based method for creating sustainable and successful 1:1 programs. We understand that every environment has a unique culture and set of practices. We take a systems approach and create a unique plan of action with each school, district, state and country. Our awareness and engagement with the Common Core and, in general, all state standards, and online assessment expectations are embedded in our work. We invest in learning and integrating the organization's goals, infrastructure, culture, and parallel initiatives. 
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