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June 2017 Newsletter     

The mission of One-to-One Institute is to transform education by personalizing learning through universal access to technology.


Welcome to the June edition of  One-to-One Institute's newsletter!

This quarter's newsletter touches on 21st Century Learning and the Maker Movement .

We hope you find the information valuable and informative!

The Future of Work (or not)
by Marie Bjerede
There has been much made of the factory model of education and how it doesn't prepare students for the modern workplace.  The education factory assembles compliant workers who have developed a tolerance for monotony and repetitive, boring tasks.  These tasks do not prepare students for jobs that require critical thinking and creativity as so many of the jobs in the modern workforce do.
However, we should also consider the factory model of work.  Even though science has shown that the kind of work that is required in modern work environments is creative, and even though CEO's bemoan the lack of employees who know how to collaborate, communicate, think creatively, and solve problems, much, indeed most, of work is still structured according to the factory model.

A Global Revolution Goes to School: The Maker Movement
by Sylvia Martinez
Making projects come alive
The "maker movement" is a global technological and creative revolution underway that celebrates u sing technology to make, repair, and customize the things we need. Hundreds of thousands of adults and children alike are frequenting Maker Faires, makerspaces, and DIY (Do-It-Yourself) websites. A growing library of print literature inspires learners of all ages and experiences to seize control of their world. Making brings engineering, design, and computer science to anyone who is willing to dive in and try something new. Fortunately for educators, the maker movement overlaps with the natural inclinations of children and the power of learning by doing.
Educators around the world are building makerspaces in schools, libraries, and museums. They are finding that by giving children the opportunity to explore, design, and build creates excitement and deep learning experiences. But not all maker technology is alike.

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Just In Time Learning Always On-Future
by Leslie Wilson, CEO, One-to-One Institute
I barely know the powers and functionalities of my smart phone and it's time to get a new one.  I'll go through the same routine with my provider.  He/She will set up my new phone; show me the highlights and off I'll go.  I seldom learn any of the phone's potential until I have the need to do so. My 13 year old nephew has shown me countless tools and opportunities on my phone about which I would have never thought.

We are truly learning ALL the time. The question is, 'when AREN'T we learning?'  This truth demands the learning environment (everywhere) be conducive to flexibility, just in time knowledge/information, collaboration, and communications. And also product development - making stuff as demonstrations of mastery and what's been learned.  The four-walled prison style schools are not viable for what's needed now and in the future.

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Breaking the Cycle of Failed Innovations
by Dr. Michael Gielniak, COO, One-to-One Institute
I recently sold my house and started packing last weekend. As I was going through my books I found one from 2008 called " The Future of the Internet and How to Stop It ." It started me thinking about the reactions I have witnessed in many of my teacher friends when I talk about the potential of technology to enhance the learning process. To be fair, I do understand much of the resistance. When I was in the classroom it seemed like the administration was always jumping on the latest educational fad bandwagon. One year it was Multiple Intelligences and writing across the curriculum. The next year those initiatives seemed to vanish, and we all had to focus on Differentiated Instruction and how to use the state test score data to raise math and ELA scores. All of these initiatives may have merit, but it was never clear how each fit into a bigger vision for learning, or within the curricular areas outside of math and ELA.

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