July 2019

Meet Korey
Korey looks so handsome and happy. He's looking forward to finding his permanent family.

His caregivers describe him as respectful and engaging. He values his relationships with peers and is good at keeping his room neat. 

Do you know a teen in care who could use a mentor?
If you know a teenager in foster care, a group home or independent living in the northern areas of Hamilton County, please  let us know .

We are looking for kids attending school in the Colerain, Lakota, Princeton districts or in the Hamilton and Middletown areas.
We are collecting names of kids who could use mentors as we prepare to start a program with Amber Gray and her Where2Next Foundation. The program will focus on kids living in those areas.

More discounts for 
SNAP recipients
Great Parks of Hamilton County is offering a free pass to anyone who shows an Ohio EBT Card.
Stop by a parks visitor center on any of these free-entry days to get your free annual pass: July 17, September 28-20 or Nov. 29.

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Just one more year for child care rating

For child care providers in Hamilton County, it is time to step up.

We are in the final stretch - 12 months and counting - for child care providers to become rated under the Step Up to Quality program. The state of Ohio has mandated all child care providers must be rated by June 30, 2020, to continue serving children who receive child care subsidies. This includes both centers and homes.

Step Up To Quality (SUTQ) is a five-star quality rating and improvement system administered by the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. SUTQ standards exceed the health and safety regulations required to be licensed and are based on national research that seeks to improve outcomes for children.

Participating programs earn a one-, two-, three-, four- or five-star rating for meeting benchmarks for curriculum, screening and assessments, environment, staff support and management, staff education and professional development, communication and engagement and other standards.

The benefit to parents is simple: a higher quality program leads to better results for their children. For providers, it is about going the extra mile for children.

Hamilton County has nearly 1,000 child care centers and homes that must have at least a one star starting July 1, 2020 to continue receiving state subsidies for eligible children in their care. If a parent relies on subsidies to fund their child care, the parent will be forced to move to another center or home if theirs is not rated.

Approximately 16,000 Hamilton County children receive state subsidies every month. More than 23,000 different children received subsidies in 2018.

Helping our own so they can help others

A siren wailing somewhere in the night. Flashing police lights and yellow tape. The chaos of an emergency room after a big accident. A loved one being hurt or perpetrating pain.

Even thinking about these scenarios can be unsettling. When they become reality for us or people we care for, they are traumatic.

With every additional instance, the impact from a wide range of experiences becomes more dramatic and damaging. Though the physical signs of trauma are often obvious, the emotional and mental wounds are often harder to see and to care for. For professionals who work with a population that is chronically traumatized, they can find themselves in need of care as well.

Like other first responders, Children's Services caseworkers and managers deal with trauma every day. And not just during their "official" shifts. Difficult interactions and disturbing images have a way of following them home and moving in. Overstaying their welcome.

Learning how to take care of ourselves and each other is the main goal driving our new, trauma-informed programming. Building a safe place where our dedicated staff can be encouraged and empowered helps counter burnout and turnover while building our resilience and improving job satisfaction.

Building a strong JFS community enables us to build a stronger community beyond our walls. One child, one family at a time.

Check out 
our new website

We have redesigned our main website, hcjfs.org, to make it more welcoming and easier to navigate.

We've added more pictures and an easier-to-read typeface. We hope you like the changes.

Another recent addition is the  Initiatives section in the top menu bar. As part of our vision to work passionately and collaboratively toward a community free of abuse, neglect and financial need, we partner with community organizations and businesses that support our mission.