November 2015
Laurie Kelley
Founder and President

Families with bleeding disorders who live in developed countries have much to be thankful for. We have excellent health care and above all--for most people--access to clotting factor. 

I'm particularly thankful that so many people with bleeding disorders and the community that serves them share their good fortune with those in developing countries. We can't take away their struggles or poverty, we can't make their government buy factor. But we can support them as they raise children, go to school and get jobs. Read about Jurich to see how our gratitude affects those around the world.

I give my personal thanks to all of you who support us and all the children and families we serve. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Laurie Kelley and the team at Save One Life  
Ways to Give for the Holidays

1. Giving Tuesday: December 1!

What better way to participate in this international day of giving than by sponsoring a child! We have more than 50 children waiting for a sponsor...please consider giving one of these children the best holiday gift ever!  A sponsorship is $264 a year and helps a child pay for school, medicine, transportation to the treatment center, food and clothes.

2. Support a Scholarship or
Micro-Enterprise Grant

If you are not ready to make a longer term commitment to a sponsorship, we welcome donations to our scholarship and micro-enterprise grant funds. Scholarships help hemophilic students from poor families go to college or get certification to get better jobs. Micro-enterprise grants
help needy hemophilic families improve their economic circumstances through small income-generating activities. 

3. AmazonSmile

Do you love to give books for the holidays or the convenience of buying through Amazon? By signing up with AmazonSmile and designating Save One Life as your charity of choice, a percentage of every holiday purchase you make will help us fund more camps through our Smile on Summer Hemophilia Camp Fund.  To learn more, bookmark this link:

More than 1200 Save One Life beneficiaries and their families say " Thank You" for caring! 

Hearts at Home

On September 22 Save One Life sponsors, members of Hemophilia of North Carolina and representatives from Biogen joined executive director Martha Hopewell and our Romanian program partner Adriana Henderson in Durham for an evening of sharing and learning about hemophilia in the countries where we work. 
Invitation to Hearts at Home Durham

The highlight of the evening was an activity where guests were assigned into "families" that had two boys with hemophilia and given $60 each. Their task was to budget that $60 as if it were their o nly in come for the month. Later each "family" was shown a 15' by 12' space, which represented the dimensions of their home, and asked to organize the house for a family of five. Finally, the "families" were told that, given their economic and home circumstances, one of their boys has developed a severe bleed and the treatment center is 200 miles away. How will they get their boy to the center? Not an easy question to answer!
A "family" engaged in discussion about how to budget their $60 monthly salary.

Adriana told stories and showed slides of three boys in Romania who have been helped by Save One Life. The audience was impressed  to learn that the economic realities and home situations of
these boys weren't too different from the situations presented in the ga me!

Hearts at Home was generously sponsored by Biogen. 
Executive director Martha Hopewell with (l to r)  
Shaineeka Austin, mother of a child with hemophilia; Charlene Cowell, executive director of HNC and Save One Life sponsor; Adriana Henderson, founder and president of S.T.A.R. Children Relief, our program partner in Romania; and Katherine Register, Save One Life sponsor. 

The Impact of a Save One Life Scholarship

Jurich Sungcad--
graduated at last!
Jurich Sungcad, 26, from Cebu, Philippines, applied for a scholarship from Save One LIfe when he was about to begin his fifth and last year of a five-year electronic engineering program. At that point he had already spent nine years at school--his frequent bleeds being a major obstacle to success. 

By the time he approached Save One Life in late 2014, his extended family's resources were exhausted and no one was in a position or willing to finance his final year. They were afraid he would never finish. 

This past month we received this message from our program partner: "I am joyfully informing you that Jurich graduated from college and earned his electronic engineering degree. After 10 years on and off due to frequent bleeds, finally he made it! This inspires us very much. We are so happy to see him reach his dream after all that he and his family went through. He beat his difficulties with an awesome, untiring and joyful disposition."  

Jurich is a very active member of HAPI-C, his local hemophilia association. He generously donated his time to translate two WFH handbooks from English into Cebuano: first was a 30-page exercise handbook for people with hemophilia by Bee Giok K. Tan-Sales, M.D., which took him a year. Just as he completed this project, his association asked him to translate a new 50-page WFH handbook, "Exercises for People with Hemophilia" by Kathy Mulder, which he began in 2012. Nearly two years later the translation was completed, copyrighted, and printed. HAPI-C distributed 500 copies to patients and organized a demonstration seminar with a team of physical therapists to help patients understand how to use the handbook.  

Since that time Jurich has become the president of HAPI-C. 

We thank Jurich for his spirit of giving and wish him a much success!
Welcome Kristy Burns
The staff is delighted to welcome Kristy Burns to Save One Life as our new  bookkeeper. Kristy started on October 13, and she has already proven herself to be a valuable team member!

Kristy is the mother of two boys--ages six and ten. She has been touched by the stories that we hear every day about the challenges of living with hemophilia in a developing country. Kristy, her mom and her sister have already become sponsors! 
Welcome New Sponsors!
Kristy Burns
Charlene Cowell
Pauline Dwyer
Regina Ofiara
Jennifer Speaks
Helen Spradley
Megan Wooden

We thank these current sponsors who took additional beneficiaries:
Kelly Hoots
A Boy to Sponsor

Save One Life beneficiaries face the tough challenge of poverty with a bleeding disorder.  

An annual sponsorship is $264. Save One Life sends 90%, or $240, overseas to assist the beneficiary and his patient organization.

Show someone you care! 
Please sponsor today!
Abdullah, 10, Pakistan
Dear Ma'am Erin (Kilts),

My son, John Michael, is still too young to read the letters that you sent, but I explained to him that you and your family are the ones sponsoring him through Save One Life, and how kind your family is. He asked me to tell you that he is glad that he is the one you chose!

When John Michael received your package he was so happy and excited to open it. He started to play right away with the art project you sent! 

My family is very thankful to have such a kind person helping my son. Take care always and God bless!

Christina and Rochard Rosano
Cebu, Philippines

John Michael Rosano gets right to work on his art project.

John Michael proudly shows his snowman.

I am very happy to inform you that I have received an amount of $850 from Save One Life. 

My mother received the money on my behalf and I am so thankful for your unconditional support. The money will be used to support my education in the university. 

Once again thank you so much for your love, care and assistance. Your efforts have brought me this far. I will do my best to work hard and come out with good grades and well developed skills. Thank you!

Michael Attivor
Accra, Ghana
In Memoriam
We are very sad to share news of the loss of William Njoroge, 8, from Kenya on October 26 from a gastro-intestinal bleed.  
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