September 2015
Laurie Kelley
Founder and President

We're a small organization, very lean, but we pack a punch! 

We care deeply about each individual family we know--all 1,200 plus. So when we learned of the devastating earthquakes in Nepal last April and May, where we have assisted 104 families since 2004, we had to act. Not only did we raise money, but I flew to this enchanting country this month, making Save One Life the first organization from the global hemophilia community to visit since the disasters.

It would break your heart to see the devastation. Every family with hemophilia sustained damage to their home. Many have now lived in tents for months. Two mothers and an eight-year-old sister died. More help is coming to Nepal from many sources, and we will continue to team with them to ease their suffering. 

During my visit, my Nepalese hosts and families confirmed this: your sponsorship makes an enormous difference. They send their thanks! 

And, we too thank you for your continued support!

Laurie Kelley and the team at Save One Life  
One Life At A Time Celebration

On Wednesday, August 12 over 50 guests gathered at our annual celebration, which took place in Grapevine, Texas during NHF's annual meeting, to recognize the many individuals and organizations who help make Save One Life a success.

President Laurie Kelley opened our presentation with some impressive statistics: since its founding Save One Life has run programs in 15 countries, helped more than 1500 individuals and their families, and currently receives support from donors representing 12 countries! 

Sponsor Derek Nelson is recognized for  supporting his beneficiaries for 10 years.
Executive director Martha Hopewell presented the names of 33 sponsors who have supported beneficiaries for five years and 19 sponsors--including the late Joe Caronna--who have sup ported beneficiaries for ten years. One of these sponsors--Derek Nelson--came forward to share moving words about his years of involvement with Save One Life. We also recognized 20 sponsors who support 10 or more beneficiaries, including Eddie Williams of Novo Nordisk and Joe Pugliese of The Alliance Pharmacy, both present in the audience. 
President Laurie Kelley and executive director Martha Hopewell present the  
2015 Sponsor of the Year award to 
Michele Piotrowski.

Our 2015 Sponsor of the Year, Michele Piotrowski, traveled from Oak Park, Illinois, with 
her husband to graciously accept her award. Michele, a person with factor V deficiency and von Wi llebrand disease,
generously sponsors four girls and one little brother in India and Nigeria. Michele spoke eloquently about her experience as a child with bleeding disorders and how this strengthens her compassion for her beneficiaries.  

Save One Life's 2015 Inspiration Award was given to Reverend Donald Kill, a Columban priest who has spent his life rescuing and protecting vulnerable children in southern Philippines. Through his work he learned about hemophilia and became an impassioned advocate for hemophilia awareness. He co-founded Blood Brothers Aid and helped establish chapters in the country. Father Don reached out to Save One Life in 2006, and thanks in large part to his efforts, the Philippines is now Save One Life's second largest program country, with over 300 beneficiaries. Father Don's award was received on his behalf by Irene Aquino of Alnylam Pharmaceuticals.

Father Don with executive director Martha Hopewell and the members of the Hemophilia Association of Cagayan de Oro, which he helped to establish.

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Save One Life at NHF's Annual Meeting

Save One Life received numerous enthusiastic visitors to its booth during NHF's annual meeting in August. We thank all who showed an interest in our work and who pledged to sponsor beneficiaries. More than 20 children were fortunate to gain a sponsorship during this event.
Executive director Martha Hopewell and executive assistant Lani Aldrich welcome new sponsor Vincent Kinan to our Save One Life family.

Laurie Kelley Visits Nepal 

Save One Life responded quickly to the devastating earthquakes that shook Nepal this spring by raising more than $15,000 to help rebuild homes. In early September president Laurie Kelley traveled to Kathmandu to monitor progress of relief efforts and offer moral support to the Nepal Hemophilia Society (NHS) and its members. Laurie visited hospitals, homes, tents and sheds where many people now temporarily live. She was also the special guest of honor to distribute sponsorship funds to families at the NHS headquarters. 

To read Laurie's stories about her interesting and productive trip, click  here   To see her informative photos, click  here

President Laurie Kelley visiting a beneficiary's damaged home with Ujol KC,
general secretary of the Nepal Hemophilia Society.

Tricia Sico Visits India

Tricia Sico, Save One Life's sponsorship manager, traveled to India in early September to meet our key contacts at the Hemophilia Federation (India) headquarters in Delhi, and later to meet representatives from our 23 program partners who were gathered in Mumbai. She reviewed program policies and prepared our partners for the next round of beneficiary annual updates due in early 2016. Tricia also visited her 
13-year-old beneficiary, Inderjeet, whom she has sponsored with her daughter, Mia, since 2011. 
Sponsorship manager Tricia Sico with our India program coordinator Usha Parthasarathy (first row, third from right) and program partner representatives.
The Impact of a Save One Life Micro-Enterprise Grant

Jagat Man Rajbahak in 2009.
In May 2009 20-year-old Jagat Man Rajbahak of Nepal was facing a tough decision. Treatments for a severe leg bleed and pseudo-tumor on his knee were not successful due to his high inhibitor level, so he 
underwent surgery to remove his leg. 

In January 2015, now age 26, Jagat Man became the first person in Nepal to receive a micro-enterprise grant from Save One Life to open a mobile repair shop in the capital city of Kathmandu.

One of the highlights of Laurie Kelley's recent trip was visiting Jagat Man in his shop. When Laurie arrived, Jagat Man was sitting intently at his work bench. He hardly spoke because, as his older brother Jagat Lal explained, he was so anxious to demonstrate his grant had gone to a worthy cause! Not only was he repairing phones, he had expanded his shop to offer other sundries.
Micro-enterprise grant recipient Jagat Man Rajbahak of Nepal
at work in his mobile repair shop.
                                                                                                                      Jagat Man's family was one of the many hemophilia families to lose their homes in the earthquakes, yet Laurie observed this didn't seem to dampen his enthusiasm nor his gratitude for owning a business and gaining financial independence.                                                                                                                                              
President Laurie Kelley visiting Jagat Man in his mobile repair shop 
during her recent trip to Nepal.
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A Boy to Sponsor

Save One Life beneficiaries face the tough challenge of poverty with a bleeding disorder.  

An annual sponsorship is $264. Save One Life sends 90%, or $240, overseas to assist the beneficiary and his patient organization.

Show someone you care! 
Please sponsor today!
Sinith, 6, Cambodia

I am most grateful for and on behalf of these two scholarship recipients and for many others whom you support. 

It won't  surprise you that 99% of the patients in our society are the most economically and socially deprived. 

Little by little you are playing a GREAT role in ameliorating the suffering of these people.  I appreciate your efforts very much.

Martin Boakye
Ghana Hemophilia Society


When I informed Robert (Kimere) that his application for a micro-enterprise grant had been approved, he was very happy and  asked me to pass his thanks to you and the whole Save One Life team.

Robin (Wanjeri) was also very excited to know that his dream of joining college is actually happening because he was awarded a scholarship!

He asked me to pass you his thanks with the message that God  bless  you for the good work that you continue to do to uplift the lives of people living 
with hemophilia.

From our team to yours, thank you!

Jose Memorial Haemophiilia Society- Kenya

In Memoriam
We are very sad to share news of the loss of Pavitar Singh,13, from Mumbai, India on September 5 from an intracranial bleed. 
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